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  • Take a Chance on Me

    Take a Chance on Me

    This was a pleasant surprise to receive in the middle of a park in Ulverston on a breezy Saturday morning. This was also one of the things I just went for when it turned up in my feed at the start of the month. Sometimes, it is less about thinking and more just doing. Other […]

  • Imagination


    Okay, so there’s a start to the rebrand, but I’m not totally 100% happy with the logo. However, as it’s only lasting a month, we will cope. Next month, it is time to muck about with what my identity actually means.

  • Hello, Hello

    Hello, Hello

    This is the longest blog break here for a while. I’d like to explain why. If all I had to do was be more organized, this would be easy. The fact remains there is a lot more to my evolutionary step this time than just writing more lists. I have a body to properly alter, […]

  • All By Myself

    All By Myself

    I’m spending a LOT of time thinking about video poetry, collections and NaNoWriMo. There is a TON of stuff to do. Most of it revolves around my own creativity and is not dependent on anyone else and right now, in the current climate, that is EXACTLY how things should be. However, to make it happen, […]

  • Getting Better

    Getting Better

    Remember I said this place used to be the daily practice and now it isn’t? Well here I am, three days after my last post. I had a poetry ‘gig’ yesterday that went very well indeed, which will turn into a regular occurrence. A virtual ‘open mic’ is exactly what reality demands at present, and […]

  • Jet


    Been on a project, and now that work’s awaiting feedback, I can come get on with normal things. The confidence I’ve learnt in the last few weeks should be apparent in what’s been made: a 150 second video where I feel anything is now conceivably possible. It’s just up to my imagination and effort. Not […]

  • Becoming More Like Alfie

    Becoming More Like Alfie

    Yesterday was a triumph of form over function. Who thought that a prose piece would cause so much damage, and that defending other people would be used as a means to attack my position. It is indeed all fun and games until someone’s ego is damaged and then all you have is memories and a […]

  • Where I Stood

    Where I Stood

    Why didn’t you write a blog yesterday? This is a very good question. One part of the answer is me, sitting here now, waiting for a phone call. NOBODY EVER calls me so when it happens, you know it’s important, and that really is all I want to say about it, for reasons which will […]

  • Destiny


    There are many things that need fixing in my life. For a change, none of them are disastrous. We’ve done the whole ‘eat well’ epiphany this time last year, I get how that works now very well indeed, which is why I’m eating an apple and not a chocolate biscuit right now. Sometimes, choice is […]

  • Life is Life

    Life is Life

    Nobody else is gonna sell me. I know I’m getting somewhere when somebody draws one of my OC’s or does a tribute .GIF. These are the markers which indicate you are being listened to and that people are paying attention. Maybe this is the month, but I’m not waiting around for someone else to do […]