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  • Rise


    A six week counselling window has increased to ten. It will probably increase further. That means I gotta stop hoping somebody else is gonna throw me a line and get started on addressing the issues. Being a functioning adult (most of the time) has its disadvantages, who knew? Stick the latest Prodigy album on loud: let’s see […]

  • Respect


    My thought train begins today with this Tweet: Wow, am I seeing a lot of "This movie does not reflect my personal experience and is therefore invalid." It's art, not a mirror with vanity lighting. EXTEND YOURSELF. — Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) December 27, 2017 It is the first time that the idea of ‘social media […]

  • You Know My Name

    You Know My Name

    Took a day off all forms of writing yesterday, because occasionally even I like to not worry about output. Then I went with Mr Alt to the Royal Albert Hall and watched Casino Royale scored by a full orchestra (plus David Arnold on guitar) and was in the same place (briefly) as Michael G Wilson and Barbara […]

  • I am the Law

    I am the Law

    Spiderman’s reboot’s been getting a lot of airtime in my Twitter feed this week, people stating it is by far the best version of the character as yet committed to celluloid. Except, amongst the platitudes have come some sniffs of unexpected dissent. I’m not talking about the apparent disparity in the Marvel timeline (the nerds […]

  • Eat to the Beat

    Eat to the Beat

    Today, someone took the time to explain to me how one properly flosses teeth. I realise that this has never been pointed out before, and understanding WHY something happens is probably more important than the fact it is done. Sometimes, that extra step is hard when everything else matters. I’d never visited a hygienist until […]

  • Architecture and Morality

    Architecture and Morality

    ‘If something offends you, go do something else.’ I’ve spent a lot of time talking to my husband about ‘Passengers’, a film which has caused a bit of a fuss over the moral dubiousness of its plotline. I was genuinely excited about this movie when the trailers first surfaced in June, but when it became […]

  • Stupid Girl

    Stupid Girl

    I can quickly sum up yesterday for me in a Tweet: It’s like after 40 years of having the piss taken out of me for being the girl who liked sci-fi, I suddenly became cool. — Chat of the Alt (@AlternativeChat) April 7, 2016 That’s not even close to the whole story, of course, but […]

  • Cleaning Up the Town

    Cleaning Up the Town

    Normally when the Internet implodes, it is wise to stand well back. In this case, I have a few things that need saying first. It is 1984. I’m in the Lower 6th at Comprehensive School and the day the original ‘Ghostbusters’ releases, I bunk the day off school with three of my mates and we […]