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  • Back for Good

    Back for Good

    The loss of Popchips Corn Chips was akin to the loss of a much loved jumper or a favourite pair of leggings. Somewhere between Lockdown Start 2020 and Christmas, someone in Popchips HQ clearly looked at what sold and discovered this snack was not it. The company decided to throw their lot simply into making […]

  • If This is It

    If This is It

    Looking back on this week, undoubtedly this will be the moment when a particular meme comes back to haunt me: A spectacular amount has been accomplished in November, including taking bodies of work produced over the last 18 months and placing them in a setting that is deserving of my efforts. Slowly, but surely, the […]

  • I Might Be Wrong

    I Might Be Wrong

    There is a eucalyptus tree in our garden, almost pulled over in the last round of Winter storms. We’ve decided it was too unwieldy, that our whole garden is going to be remodelled in the next year, and this (plus many things) had to go. My husband had taken most of the height from it, […]

  • Broken Wings

    Broken Wings

    Yesterday evening my youngest came back from seeing a friend, and ran up to me for our normal hug, before blanching. When I asked her what was wrong, she screwed up her face and pronounced: ‘Mum, you’ve gone yellow.’ I knew summat was seriously wrong yesterday afternoon, about 2-ish. The pain in my upper abdomen […]

  • Life in Tokyo

    Life in Tokyo

    I’m at the Gym, earlier today, looking at the people working on a Friday lunchtime and realising I’m the only one sweating. The women either side of me are perfect, thin specimens with co-ordinated clothing and beautiful hair and yet neither of them perspire at all. They run like mice, all scurry in the legs, yet neither […]

  • The Master Plan

    The Master Plan

    It’s taken a fortnight, but this morning I woke up horizontal and without a coughing fit, which means that YAY health is now returning to normal. However, there’s been some hangovers from the massive antibiotic use, including a couple of quite scarily painful bouts of heartburn. That means that today, I’ll be eating simply and trying […]

  • There’s No Other Way

    There’s No Other Way

    By now, on an average day, I’d have drunk at least three large cups of tea. Today, I’ve had just one. I’d have stopped logging food for calorie content too, but that’s not the case as of now. It is time to stop fucking about and go cold turkey on all the things I’ve been using […]

  • Creep


    Reality checks are useful, and if you ever believe you don’t need someone else to read your fortune? You’re wrong. If you continually baulk at objective, critical appraisal, the chances are that it’s not the rest of the World with the problem. There are consequences to every action, and conveniently forgetting this does nobody any good. Today, in […]

  • Showdown


    Weight went up at the weekend, but not as much as previous weeks. The reckoning is coming, body, and I am ready for both it and you. I love my body.It will be what I want it to be.I am working hard to make it happen.I am getting stronger.Change is coming. — Gotta Alt Them […]

  • Eat to the Beat

    Eat to the Beat

    For the next two weeks, I am a slave to calorie counting. I know where my starting weight is. I know what foods I shouldn’t eat, and what I should. I understand completely this is a temporary situation. I’m not about to start living my life via the medium of targets. I’m going to screen-grab […]