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  • The Number of the Beast

    The Number of the Beast

    How did the last four days go? As it happens, not bad at all. Valheim’s overriding hook, for me at least, is that I’m the one in charge. Animal Crossing got frustrating because you’re constantly chasing an aesthetic that someone else dictates, and with the best will in the world you need some peril, after […]

  • If I Had a Heart

    If I Had a Heart

    Today I should be writing something here, but all my creativity has been thrown into two Patreon videos. The Best Man’s funeral is set for this time next week and I’m still really angry. I cannot find the enthusiasm to do strength workouts at all because I want to be doing them in the Gym […]

  • Believe


    I knew who this was. I’d upset him somewhere else and so this was his revenge. I have an email from him as well, desperately trying to get me to be ‘friends’ again, telling me he’d been undergoing mental health counselling and that was why he’d been so awful. If you truly think this shit […]

  • Living on an Island

    Living on an Island

    Woke up to this /flex from my daughter #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ — πŸŒ— Sarah Reeson πŸŒ• Precarious Epithet πŸŒ“ (@MoveablePress) March 28, 2020 I have a house on a virtual island, that for a couple of hours each day I slowly update. I regularly contribute fish, insects and fossils to the local Museum. I’ve helped […]

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    Watching BBC Sherlock does not make you a BBC Sherlock fan. Actual BBC Sherlock fans have done the following:* Read the ACD stories* Visited London * Solved murder cases as a hobby * Silently pined over their flatmate for years * Faked their own suicide — Fin Amour (@fin__amour) January 4, 2020 If you spend […]

  • Better Living Through Chemistry

    Better Living Through Chemistry

    Let us begin this week correctly. This has been an earworm since my husband left hospital, so putting it here (hopefully) might finally release the pain of repetition, though I doubt it. There is a phenomenal amount of Real Life Gubbins to achieve today, and I have the uncomfortable feeling my PC hard drive is […]

  • Walkaway


    Okay, starting again tomorrow. — πŸ—Ώ Sarah Reeson πŸ“ Writer/Content Creator πŸ—Ώ (@MoveablePress) July 6, 2019 I am one of many adults who enjoy PokemonGo as a mobile game. It served a useful purpose as coping strategy and relaxation up until I started having mental issues back in January, and the cessation of playtime […]

  • Civilisation


    I wrote a list yesterday, of things that had to be done before there was permission to slack, and by 4pm, it was done. No, it wasn’t EVERYTHING, and last night I didn’t do two things that were on the list but which I never got to. Instead, it was a much loved game that […]

  • Sunrise


    DAY 3:Β I’m aΒ  recovering addict, trying my best not to sound like an evangelist. It’s a tough ask, some days, especially when the weight of evidence shows how gullible I was. Companies are to blame for feeding addiction, and in due course one can only hope common sense will prevail… but don’t bet on that. […]

  • That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

    That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

    Technology is a harsh mistress, as I have found to my cost on many occasions. How you deal with it, what it means to others, and ultimately how it is learning to deal with usΒ can be tough to grasp. Someone linked this to me this morning, remarking how amusing they found it. I’ve watched it […]