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  • Broken Dreams

    Broken Dreams

    I’ve set myself a new task in the Gaming side of my life, and it’s going a lot better than I ever expected. The plan was to start effectively ‘cold’ on the US Servers and see how well I survived, as a means by which I could re-energise my love of the game I’m supposed to […]

  • Building the Perfect Beast

    Building the Perfect Beast

    It is three weeks into my concerted health kick, and actually, finally, I can see progress. My body shape is changing, back and legs beginning to look more as I remember them in the brief and glorious period during my mid 30’s where I had all this under control the last time. When Neo and Morpheus […]

  • Get Off

    Get Off

    Because the game I cover on the other blog has a T for Teen rating, most people won’t step on toes when it comes to discussing it. In fact, in the majority of cases, being a foul-mouthed, indignant woman over it is probably as ill-advised as anything on the Internet you do with words could possibly be. […]