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  • If Not for You

    If Not for You

    I would struggle, in my group of friends, to find anybody who considers that the current President of the United States is either a) a good man or b) good at his job. This is not a blog post about what is, however. This appeared from the ‘alternate history’ part of my brain a while […]

  • Standing at the Sky’s Edge

    Standing at the Sky’s Edge

    Ah, Yosemite, I woke up with you in my head. Such a good two weeks. This reminds me I ought to write up the days we spent going down Route 1 before they fade into indistinct memory. However, this morning I’m not going for all time readership records. There’s a lot of people here now, far […]

  • Holiday Post Two: 13th August.

    Holiday Post Two: 13th August.

    One of the overriding reasons why my husband wanted to go to the West Coast was Yosemite. I will freely admit I was skeptical that the trip would live up to the hype, until we went up Route 120 to get there. The Tioga Pass road is something I will never forget, a climb up […]

  • Holiday Writing

    Holiday Writing

    I’ve already lost one post so far this morning, let’s see if this one survives my iPad. I’m on Day Four of the Great US Adventure: family + ridiculously large motor veicle on the West Coast of the USA. I’m finally adjusted to the -8 hours (took a while) and I feel the need to […]