Strange Days

DAY 2: Everything is out of place. I feel like brain’s been rifled through by unseen hands and all the important stuff moved to different places, which forces thought and time between what were normally easy actions. Blaze class this morning has been cancelled. Yes, it could be done, but not to the standard that is normally possible, and this is something that’s not being done by halves. The scheduled stuff needs to wait, too, as this has to be written first.


It is all a bit *crinkles face* difficult today. Not hard, or painful or stressful, just difficult. Having to concentrate on what keys get pressed to form words. Feeling parts of my body that have clearly never vanished but now appear to be more sensitive. Having to listen really hard to conversations or requests… but beneath all this, undoubtedly, there’s a vitality and strength that has only recently emerged. Body’s working really well here, now all that has to happen is to connect that to a fully working brain…


This is cold turkey from a sugar addiction. It makes me really glad I’ve never have to do this from prescription drugs, or indeed any drug, because if this is the result just from sugar… HOOOOO BOOOOY. Previously I’ve not gone the full hog. I’d cheat even before I begun, but yesterday’s nothing at all hasn’t been nearly the shock expected. Today is the first day of Huel too, which is making me wonder whether doing this is a good idea or not.

Fuck it. You never know until you try.

Flirting with Disaster

DAY 1: Whose bright idea was it to start a diet the week BEFORE Christmas?


The reasoning behind this is surprisingly sound: having digested the biometric scale data, it is clear what needs to happen. So, we begin by asking the question: how does this happen, and how do I manage to resist temptation? Well, that’s easy. You eat better, and just resist temptation.

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Life changes BEFORE Christmas, you say? Okay then…

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Starting tomorrow, I have a shake for lunch for three weeks [*] because even the Guide says you shouldn’t go full on without body being allowed a chance to react and get comfortable. Then, we’ll see where we are. Next scheduled weigh in is Friday, January 4th, three weeks after the last one. Then we’ll go weekly, and shit gets real.

[*] No, not Christmas Day or probably Boxing Day either…

This is It

I walked to the Gym this morning for the first time in a while: pavements were slippery and required some thought, sky was the Winter Blue of post-storm optimism, and my hip and back were not happy. However, after an hour of exercise, and some heavy weights, things have definitely improved. It has taken a few days to grasp the transformation that has taken place since August: it is also apparent that to make the next step forward, it will be diet that has to change.


On considered research, I’m going to replace lunch every day with a Huel shake. This will continue to provide a protein hit, but reduce my normal food intake (hopefully) enough to kick-start the fat burning processes. This also appeases that part of me which knows only too well that to save the planet I need to be eating less meat and more plants. I’ve enough cash left after Christmas to afford 4 week’s supply, which means January’s food intake is sorted.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


It was genuinely scary getting on the scales on Friday. I’ll do it again after Christmas, but not before. Food logging’s about to get very serious indeed, because to lose what needs to vanish, there’s gotta be a whole lotta hard work. I’m ready for all this.

This has become the most unexpected of transformations.

Christmas Love


Ten days to go. This weekend, I can knock off the last things that need to be done (cards, gifts) and then it is downhill until the big day. That includes finishing that editing job on the Novella which, all things being equal, should be done by the end of next week. Then, we can move onto short stories across the Christmas period. Son has to work until Friday, husband Thursday and daughter on Wednesday. It’s only just above freezing outside.

I need a day to get myself sorted mentally, then everything can be shoved back in its place.

Comfortably Numb


There’s a lot of other shit going down today but honestly, this is the bit that matters most. My weight issues aren’t fat. I’ve gained nearly 6kg (thirteen pounds) of muscle mass. All that eating protein works.

I’ll be back tomorrow. For now, it’s probably time for a healthy snack.

Down Down

Weight, inexorably, is falling. Undoubtedly the second Blaze class will help, with understanding that if this weight is going to be shifted, I will have to sweat like something that sweats a very great deal to do so. As a result of yesterday however, this is becoming increasingly less of a problem.

The classes have become a complement to the normal weights and running, which means now that a) this is using my membership to its natural limit and b) it provides individually-led exercise three times a week. I’ve not cycled for nearly a fortnight at home, however, and that will end up being added to the schedule properly over Christmas. The plan, such as it is right now, is to keep stuff ticking over as much as possible across a range of activities.

If that keeps happening, presumably thinner will then occur in due course.

It’s bloody hard work, that much is obvious. However, there’s method in all of this madness.


The whole point of Blaze, like it or not, is to shove you up to the Red Zone in terms of heart-rate. Zwift Running conveniently provides me with zonal indicators too: to be burning fat, the more time spent in green and yellow the better, where orange and red allow that fat burn to take place after I’ve stopped exercising. Therefore, anything in green and above = progress. After Zwift tomorrow we’ll take a look at the numbers, and weight on the Gym’s bio-metric scale will be taken on Friday.


The Name Remains the Same

This week’s already a bit odd, thanks to the addition of a second Blaze class (more on that post tomorrow) and a change in the editing plans. There’s still #Blogmas to knock off, but that will have to happen much later today due to PT being the latest I’ve ever had it. Body right now is on the shift again, and if the temptation to snack continually can be addressed as the week goes on, the tiny reduction in weight from last week might start increasing. I have to re-plan a lot of stuff too.

This would be a lot easier were there not a constant level of uncertainty around stuff I have no control over.

If politics becomes too much of a distraction it’ll be on with Spotify and off with Social media, but for now we’re doing okay.