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  • Me Vs Myself

    Me Vs Myself

    I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my scales since returning from the USA in August. Part of me, quite erroneously, got hung up on a number. It’s quite typical behaviour from someone who can, by her own admission, be quite obsessive about goals. Being the ‘right’ weight was, for a time, all that was bothering me. […]

  • How to Disappear Completely

    How to Disappear Completely

    I have a problem with letting shit go. A lot of my mental health issues last year undoubtedly centred around how the World perceives me. It has become increasingly apparent that my more critical eye is something some people don’t like seeing, or indeed listening to. In fact, most of the ire I garnered in 2015 […]

  • WRITING :: Words

    WRITING :: Words

    Tram is packed with North. — Ian McMillan (@IMcMillan) January 7, 2016 My main Twitter account is, 95% of the time, gaming-based. However, of late, my love of writing has begun to creep in. The main reason for this is Ian McMillan, whose account I follow after he appeared on BBC 6 Music late last […]

  • 10,000 Reasons

    10,000 Reasons

    Sometimes it isn’t about the money you make, but more around the legacy you create.

  • From a Distance

    From a Distance

    On any given day, this Blog gets probably 40 visits tops. However, I know a large proportion of those people and actually? That’s absolutely fine with me. For many, the Internet means only one thing, and that’s selling themselves to anyone and everyone, and that’s just so wrong on so many levels. You’re nobody without the […]

  • Blue Hour

    Blue Hour

    Today was tough, but I got there. It’s not as much as I’d normally do in a day, but sometimes it’s not about breaking records, just putting in the miles. Mostly, I like the routine that exercise gives me, because there are days like to day where I lose cohesiveness and need something to tether […]