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  • Imagination

    Not quite got here yet, but it’s close.

  • And So It Goes

    And So It Goes

    Well, here we are, on a very Autumnal Saturday afternoon, and the will to write like this has returned. In fairness, it has been kickstarted by a couple of events, including a Best of the Net nomination and the restart of the Twitter Newsletter. Mostly however, I do miss this form of communication. There’s a […]

  • Starlight


    It was a Good Weekend (TM) and, as a result, this is scheduled from yesterday, because today I have to go out for the day, which is the first time this has happened effectively since COVID. There were moments before it all went horrible, but they were BM (Before Masks) and as a result do […]

  • Run for Home

    Run for Home

    Whatever happens, this is already a good week. I’m gonna wear this T shirt for HIIT training tomorrow :D

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    It took me a while to work out why I couldn’t share a Tweet from my personal account any more: it’s because I’ve locked it. It won’t exist on Monday anyway: I finally cut the chord and have decided to shut it down. I know I’ll lose over 2500 followers but honestly, when I interact […]

  • Russian Roulette

    Russian Roulette

    It’s been a Week when blogging got sidelined for poetry performance and mental health. Both are important, but it needs to be said that I enjoy this, that the blog must never be ignored in my spaces of personal significance. Without these words, there would be no poetry. This was the true sandpit, where the […]

  • The Motor

    The Motor

    It’s that moment when you realize that, actually, these people aren’t actually your friends, they are just Mutuals being polite because if they WERE your friends they’d have worked out how fucked you are right now and will have reached out and offered to help. It’s the comprehension that you are running at a different […]

  • Back for Good

    Back for Good

    The loss of Popchips Corn Chips was akin to the loss of a much loved jumper or a favourite pair of leggings. Somewhere between Lockdown Start 2020 and Christmas, someone in Popchips HQ clearly looked at what sold and discovered this snack was not it. The company decided to throw their lot simply into making […]

  • Stop


    No, really, it is. Not sure how long this will last, but the idea is to make the most of it. When I suggested this last week, some lovely and well-meaning people attempted to steer me away. I appreciate the thought, really do, but I’m a big girl now and sometimes principle beats everything else. […]

  • Today

    Some days, I wish someone else could come up with the answers so I don’t have to do it for myself.