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  • Why

    This has been a VERY long month. Next three days are chaos for my Real Life too. Nothing bad, just stuff that needs doing properly. As a result there are no words left today. Sorry. Back here Wednesday, I promise.

  • Respect


    ‘Run’ is a broad term. My times will tell a seasoned runner that, a lot of the time, this is a pseudo jog, or a very fast-paced walk. They know what their splits are, where weaknesses lie. I’m here, right now, trying to breathe from my diaphragm and not pass out. This is about betterment […]

  • Wondrous Stories

    Wondrous Stories

    Feedback is the best thing in the world. Even the bad stuff is good, you know. It means someone is reading your work. That’s the key, it’s why word of mouth on The Socials is so important. When you get trolled, and we all do, it’s still a good thing because, like it or not, […]

  • Fear


    Have decided to do what I said I wasn’t going to do and publish myself on video to YouTube. It’s another tiny step outside the comfort zone [TM] and as I already know the worst that could happen, there’s very little left to lose. I’ve not had a new Patreon sign-up for months, so stuff […]

  • Hey Ya

    Hey Ya

    Yesterday, I made three videos in one day. Once upon a time, it took me a week to do that just once. Of course, it helps that it’s just me that needs to be edited, and there’s no extra elements at play. However, we’ve entered a new realm after the chaos of Christmas, and there’s […]

  • Patience


    For the longest time, all I have ever done is move my life around. The same shit, identical groups of things, rearranged from place to place without a goal. Two days ago, all that changed. Some would have waited for a new year in order to triumph this as some glorious, orchestrated start, but I’m […]

  • Celebration


    Birthday was smashing: same people forget every year, I tell them it matters a lot, they promise to be better and so on. I’ve been dreadful with birthdays this year however, so I’m gonna get proper reminders this time. That’s part of the upcoming plan. Then, when people still forget, I can ask myself if […]

  • Money

  • The Needle and the Damage Done

    The Needle and the Damage Done

    Then, there is the day you realise that something is just fundamentally being missed, overlooked, a crucial part of a process has gone astray. You suggest to someone that’s the case, before they take that concept and borrow it. It’s not stealing, because this isn’t the kind of place where that happens. They borrowed an […]

  • Let Me Entertain You

    Let Me Entertain You

    Everything got shifted to one side yesterday, in order for me to finish something, which I summarily did. I have learned an awful lot about editing and video producing in the last month, and all of these things will now be put to good use elsewhere going forward. I’ll also be appearing in a Sunday […]