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  • I am the Law

    I am the Law

    Spiderman’s reboot’s been getting a lot of airtime in my Twitter feed this week, people stating it is by far the best version of the character as yet committed to celluloid. Except, amongst the platitudes have come some sniffs of unexpected dissent. I’m not talking about the apparent disparity in the Marvel timeline (the nerds […]

  • Review :: WONDER WOMAN

    Review :: WONDER WOMAN

    There is a scene, in the new Wonder Woman movie, where Gal Gadot’s character walks into a room of politicians arguing over the merits of war and peace, and the whole place goes quiet when it not only becomes apparent she’s there, but that this is unacceptable. Setting this movie within the War to End […]

  • Eat to the Beat

    Eat to the Beat

    Today, someone took the time to explain to me how one properly flosses teeth. I realise that this has never been pointed out before, and understanding WHY something happens is probably more important than the fact it is done. Sometimes, that extra step is hard when everything else matters. I’d never visited a hygienist until […]

  • For Your Eyes Only

    The World Premiere of SPECTRE took place on this day a year ago. The premiere was held at the Royal Albert Hall, London. — James Bond (@007) October 26, 2016 It doesn’t seem like a year since Spectre was released: to be honest, it’s more like several years. 2016, as many people will attest, […]

  • Blue Hour

    Blue Hour

    Today was tough, but I got there. It’s not as much as I’d normally do in a day, but sometimes it’s not about breaking records, just putting in the miles. Mostly, I like the routine that exercise gives me, because there are days like to day where I lose cohesiveness and need something to tether […]