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  • Hope for the Future

    Hope for the Future

    I didn’t get my mentorship. It wasn’t a surprise. In good news, they sent the e-mail nice and early, so I didn’t have to stress about it all day. Not that I would have, of course, because I already know how this is going to pan out. What mattered more this morning was bettering my […]

  • Little Things

    Okay, lot to tear through today, let’s get to it. Thing #1. You people over there trying to pretend that the World isn’t going to shit, and that if you just ignore all this trauma it’ll just go away. Don’t you DARE start lecturing me. You tried that once before, remember, and look what happened […]

  • One Week

    One Week

    In years to come, we will look back at 2016 and realise that people need to make the most of good things while they last. — 🌊 Alternative Chat 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 29, 2017 God, what happened? There was always the potential of a train wreck, but I doubt ANYBODY thought a week ago […]

  • Beautiful


    This lady is my hero #WomensMarch #womensmarchlondon — Lea (@muIderitsme) January 21, 2017 I didn’t write anything yesterday. I was too busy. History will remember it as the day modern women pointed out that yes, cross us at your peril. It was the day where #alternativefacts from the White House made everybody, including the Press, realise […]