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  • Auld Lang Syne

    Auld Lang Syne

    Today would have been the birthday of someone who was a significant part of my life in my 20’s and 30’s. He was Best Man at our wedding. We went to the US with us to go watch The Phantom Menace. He was a lodger in our house for several years and the year Lee […]

  • 2000 Miles

    2000 Miles

    A lot has happened in the last week. One thing that has become apparent, and obvious, is that my ability to art is back. It’s not just the abstract, either: a desire to line draw is emerging too. We’ll see if that sticks over the next few months, but what is apparent is that the […]

  • Alone Again, Or

    Alone Again, Or

    Yesterday was a watershed. It began because I am no longer in the position to afford things that other people consider as essentials. The fact remains, FOMO is real, but largely pointless once you rationalise the expense. Sure there are alternatives too, but the larger truth is that when you know something is a distraction, […]

  • Monday, Monday

    Monday, Monday

    My hairdresser and I have formed a relationship away from work. It means that she feels comfortable to share little titbits of data with me: one that was a particular surprise is that she had trouble with depth perception. That means, if someone was to hit a tennis ball at her from distance, she’d be […]

  • Change


    Day Three of having a piece of exercise equipment that can support my weight. I could have gone and found a tree in the woods over there [/points] and really would have. The benefits of lifting my own body weight have already been shown with press-up practice. Now, however, I can do this after a […]

  • Decks Dark

    Decks Dark

    It’s been a depressing couple of days, all told. Yesterday’s collective amazement at just how much right wing vitriol exists in this country should not be nearly as substantive as it is. Hearing this morning that trans rights are about to be attacked is exactly as David says above, an easy swipe at a target […]

  • Revolution


    It’s good to know I’m not the only person who is angry. There are lots of reasons for it, not just the Wizard Thing. I get annoyed at stupidity, in all of its forms, and this week has been absolutely staggering for white, middle-class people wandering into shit and trying to pretend they care. They […]

  • Dignity


    Once upon a time, history was made by the people who were destined to become statues. The problem, over time, is their success nearly always involved some form of subjugation in the process, so heroism becomes less about being a good person and more about how you made people rich. Many interesting points emerged yesterday, […]

  • Think About Things

    Think About Things

    REST OF WORLD: SATURDAY EUROPE AND AUSTRALIA: — BBC Eurovision🇬🇧 (@bbceurovision) May 16, 2020 I think we all need Eurovision right now, even if it is a virtual version. I really feel that this year, more than any other year, Graham Norton snarking his way through a glitter-covered car crash is indeed what this […]

  • White Noise White Heat

    White Noise White Heat

    Might be Thursday, feels like about a month since Sunday. I’ve rearranged the Patreon schedule a bit because frankly, there is very little of value in my brain right now. About 80% of the stuff that needs doing’s ready to go, but that 20% which remains encompasses all the thorny, hard stuff and nope, brain just […]