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  • Why


    Is it really going to matter having people with no experience of governing into power when the people who’ve done it for decades are thieving, robbing bastards, who are utterly corrupted from the top down? No, I don’t think it is. Any change is better than nothing. That’s where we are now. Honestly, a bunch […]

  • All the Love in the World

    All the Love in the World

    It’s going to be a bit of/slightly more of [delete where applicable] a cesspit on Twitter until The High Overlord makes his first change to the playground rules. Until then, if he was worried that nobody would talk about him, that’s fixed for the foreseeable future. Given the choice between spending my money on making […]

  • The End (Redux)

    The End (Redux)

    As the World turns, change is inevitable. For me, that means an advocacy gig this morning that’s taken probably over half a decade to properly align. For nearly three years of that, Dean’s been finding pebbles to post on Twitter. I couldn’t tell you exactly *when* I started using them as prompts for poetry, but […]

  • The End

    The End

    The last time I was here, it was February. I cannot count the ways life has changed since them, but the majority of those moments have played out on a platform that’s now owned by a bloke who I do not think is fit to own it. As a result, it’s probably time to make […]

  • Silent Waves

    Silent Waves

    I had a conversation last night about another aspect of this: Twitter is becoming less of a space, and more of a podium. It's a dangerous development based on the company's unwillingness to deal with multiple problems that exist, but it clearly doesn't want to solve… — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 […]

  • Material Girl

    Material Girl

    This PC is many MANY years old and finally I have realised it needs replacing. As my ethical standpoint has issue with buying such things new, I’ve got a reconditioned, older machine waiting for the weekend so that things can be swapped over with the minimum of fuss. It means watching videos on my machine […]

  • We Used to be Friends

    We Used to be Friends

    This is an interesting discussion, I have only met two people irl that I met online, yet the people I havent are still very close friends, some of whom I opened up about things I never had to someone irl. Or ask clothing advice to @Shammoz 😏😂 — Matt (@Heallarious) March 10, 2019 This discussion […]

  • Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)

    Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)

    Sure Signs I am Run Down include acne breakouts, general aches and pains, increased sensitivity and the total inability to take a joke. This was me, yesterday, and that’s why going to bed at 10pm was the answer. It became abundantly clear I’d left the room when I sat through an hour of Ocean’s 8 […]

  • Not a Job

    Day 7: Seriously, it’s only been a WEEK??? Giving blood feels like several months ago, not gonna lie, only a faint scar reminds yup, still recovering. Cycling has been a horrible, stressful bag of emotional stress as a result and today, after five hours kip (see the writing blog) there is no energy for anything except […]

  • Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

    I shifted my blog ‘life’ away from Google a while ago, deciding to come to WordPress where there was more of an opportunity to flex my creative muscles. Having now felt as if I’ve settled in, comes the realisation that for a number of years Blogger helped me live a lie. Though I know I […]