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  • Even in the Quietest Moments

    Even in the Quietest Moments

    I can now Tweet up to 280 characters. I don’t intend to do that with the majority of my output, and here’s why. Watching the annoyance and frustration last night as the feature rolled out in parts of my social sphere and not others, it was almost funny to think that this change was, for […]

  • Change


    Right then. Yesterday was, without doubt, one of the best I’ve had for organisation for some time. It helps that the back of work was broken on Sunday, and now I’m left with the process of scheduling (which will happen after this.) Then it’s all about finishing off outstanding stuff, and starting the next batch […]

  • Where’s Your Head At?

    Where’s Your Head At?

    A lot has happened in the last week. The second of the IoW essay’s has gone up, there’s a workable short story on the table for beta reading and honestly, things are far better than expected. Forget for a moment that, personally speaking, the previous five days are a personal bomb crater: I’ve managed to […]

  • I’m Not Your Stepping Stone

    I’m Not Your Stepping Stone

    Some very interesting conversations have taken place this week, mostly with people who don’t follow me on Social media and I know have no intention of doing so. What is becoming apparent, as I push further into looking for followers and extending a potential audience for the various projects I’m creating, is that there seem […]

  • Sabotage


    The Internet is a great place, we all know this. However, like any massive playground where mob rule will undoubtedly apply if you screw up, there is NEVER a guarantee that people will play nicely, follow rules or indeed do what you want them to. That means that, if you’re trying to exploit any section […]

  • Time


    My life is coming to a fairly significant crossroads. In just over a month, I commit myself at 50 to becoming my own arbiter, attempting to create a new career as a 21st Century Nonconformist. In a World where so many shout their mantras into the ether, which some believe rotates far too closely around circles […]

  • Walkaway


    It's not that people are necessarily any more reprehensible than before. It's just that it's all online now and so are we. — Just Faith (@faithinthehouse) March 5, 2017 It is important, as we mentioned last week, to be able to step back and be objective when living in any space whose rules are defined […]

  • Your Game

    Your Game

    If all you care about are numbers, success can be easily devolved down to a 1/0 equation. I mean LOOK AT MY INFOGRAPHIC PEOPLE I have a 30% increase in mentions from last month! But that is frankly nothing compared with the WHOPPING 50% rise in engagements! What is my secret? I’ll tell you, it’s […]

  • Exit Music

    Exit Music

    In what shouldn’t be as huge a surprise to as many as it clearly is, Twitter have announced your feed will change forever starting next week. Gone will be the reverse chronological order, so you can simply scroll up and see what everybody said. Now, Twitter will decide what you read, based on use and (undoubtedly) how […]

  • WRITING :: Words

    WRITING :: Words

    Tram is packed with North. — Ian McMillan (@IMcMillan) January 7, 2016 My main Twitter account is, 95% of the time, gaming-based. However, of late, my love of writing has begun to creep in. The main reason for this is Ian McMillan, whose account I follow after he appeared on BBC 6 Music late last […]