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  • Not a Job

    Not a Job

    Oh look, I’m back in the Personal Blog again… I wonder why that is?

  • Open Up

    Open Up

    It is a tough thing to cope with when the realization hits you’re more productive on a phone, typing single finger, than you ever were sitting at a desk. All those times that work/life balance fell apart thanks to staring at a computer screen. This is undoubtedly better. Morning right now starts with a cuppa […]

  • Won’t get Fooled Again

    Won’t get Fooled Again

    EVERY TIME someone decides to amplify a message like that the mere process of dissemination doesn't highlight how awful these ideas are, it simply gives them a wider audience with whom to subliminally influence. HAVE YOU PEOPLE LEARNT NOTHING? — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 (@MoveablePress) February 21, 2020 Anyone with a massive […]

  • Good Enough

    Good Enough

    a handy PSA the block feature | — jellicle jones✨ (@prinxeMu) January 12, 2020 You and I both know how this works: the rando who pops up from someone else’s Followers when that pithy Tweet you were quite proud of gets retweeted and HATES YOU. You’re just WRONG and that’s the end […]

  • Material Girl

    Material Girl

    This PC is many MANY years old and finally I have realised it needs replacing. As my ethical standpoint has issue with buying such things new, I’ve got a reconditioned, older machine waiting for the weekend so that things can be swapped over with the minimum of fuss. It means watching videos on my machine […]

  • Better Living Through Chemistry

    Better Living Through Chemistry

    Let us begin this week correctly. This has been an earworm since my husband left hospital, so putting it here (hopefully) might finally release the pain of repetition, though I doubt it. There is a phenomenal amount of Real Life Gubbins to achieve today, and I have the uncomfortable feeling my PC hard drive is […]

  • Is There Anybody Out There?

    Is There Anybody Out There?

    It was three months ago now that I got lucky enough to be named as a contest winner by the Poetry Society. Ever since then, it’s easy to work out who on my friend’s list wasn’t aware of the fact. There’ll be a retweet of my pinned post (presumably as they went to my profile […]

  • Not a Job

    Day 7: Seriously, it’s only been a WEEK??? Giving blood feels like several months ago, not gonna lie, only a faint scar reminds yup, still recovering. Cycling has been a horrible, stressful bag of emotional stress as a result and today, after five hours kip (see the writing blog) there is no energy for anything except […]

  • Sunrise


    DAY 3: I’m a  recovering addict, trying my best not to sound like an evangelist. It’s a tough ask, some days, especially when the weight of evidence shows how gullible I was. Companies are to blame for feeding addiction, and in due course one can only hope common sense will prevail… but don’t bet on that. […]

  • Would I Lie to You

    Would I Lie to You

    More ready than ever to leave the planet.I keep a go bag for when Elon gets our colonial rockets built. — Michael🍍🍕 (@grilledcheese28) November 4, 2018 Fake news, as has been discussed at length, is quite a thing around sections of the internet. However, of late I’m also seeing a rather depressing trend towards […]