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  • Round and Round

    Round and Round

    Regulars will have heard me talking a lot about Zwift in the last month, since training at the Gym became impossible and I got a bit nervous about going out on my own. My husband is an avid cyclist: he completed the inaugural Ride London (and every one since, though we are predicting this years […]

  • I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

    I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

    So lucky to have it /points just over there, such a photogenic place :D — 🌗 Sarah Reeson 🌕 Precarious Epithet 🌓 (@MoveablePress) April 2, 2020 I am wondering if I could make a walk to the coast count as Government Mandated Exercise as the weather gets better. If running was possible I could […]

  • Run to the Hills

    Run to the Hills

    The biggest single problem I possess right now in terms of exercise ability is stamina. HIIT routines are now just that, but anything over 90 minutes and I will summarily wilt. What is required is an understanding of what my limits are, how to play to them and then finally exceed them.  Fortunately for me, […]

  • Bicycle Race

    Bicycle Race

    You know I mentioned my e-mail address stopped working a while back? Well, yesterday I discovered a quite important e-mail that had gone astray. I made it into the Ride London 46 Ballot. Fortunately I’ve not missed anything vital and the participation’s confirmed, though not gonna lie, I’m terrified. It’s exactly seven weeks on Sunday, which is […]

  • Run for Home

    Run for Home

    Alt completed her first @GoZwift Sportif o/ :: #strava — 🌊 Sarah, Shonky Self-Creation 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) March 31, 2018 The last couple of days have shown that even if I’m not able to lift heavy shit for a while, my legs still work fine, and I can continue to train on the bike without […]