Learning to Breathe :: Fitness Diaries

This is the story of how an asthmatic learnt to run.

For a long time, I was afraid of what my body might be capable of achieving. Whenever I’d get into breathing difficulties as a child I was never encouraged to push through them or attempt to confront my fears, and instead I became genuinely frightened of a great many things that everyone else simply took for granted. After a holiday in 2015 when I rode a tandem across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, it became apparent my level of fitness would not be enough to help me survive the later years of my life, and so I embarked on a life-changing journey to free my body from the restrictions placed upon it by a frightened mind.

Whilst doing so, I discovered that I don’t know how to run properly.

I can brisk walk with the best of them: strolling is a breeze, sauntering as standard. Running however makes me nervous, uncertain I can do the job asked of me, and so my personal trainer’s been showing a path to redemption that I’m now doing my best to follow. This is the story of how that has come to pass, the background to the change and how I’m working towards the goal moving forwards.

There’ll also be pictures and quite possibly some video to boot, and all of it will be archived here.


Current Personal Best:
1km @ 8 KM/h in 7 minutes 30 seconds

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