WiP :: February 2019

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I am now a (perpetually struggling) independent writer. This includes non-fiction, critical essays, poetry and fiction works.

For business enquiries, please email write (at) internetofwords (dot) com

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Currently In Progress: MMXCI has gone into competition entries. Once fully edited to my satisfaction, we’ll see if we can’t get it recognised by a publisher. The Sayers (which is going to get a better title) is next up for faffing, after which we’ll go back to Contractus which I’ve realised is not a novella and therefore needs more words and not less.

Two poetry collections from last year have been rejected. I’ll be looking at re-editing both before sending them back into competition.

This year is when we look at submitting more and competing less.

I’m working in the first quarter on a Short Story Collection for competitive submission.

In Episodic Fiction News:: EX/WHI has returned via the Internet of Words website.

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I am a winner of the Members’ Poems competition in the Winter 2018 issue of Poetry News, official publication of the Poetry Society. The theme of the contest was ‘The Abstract Space’, inspired by the poetry of W.S. Graham and judged by Rachael Boast.

The poem that won, The Beast in Cyberspace, can be read on the Poetry Society’s website. I’ll also be performing this piece live at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden on February 8th.

Other poetry will appear on @AlternativeChat or @InternetofWords via Twitter.

The Warcraft Blog has been altered to cover my 40 year relationship with Computer Gaming in all its forms and can be found here.

YouTube Channel for Monthly content is here.

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