WiP :: January 2020

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I remain a (perpetually struggling) independent writer. This includes non-fiction, critical essays, poetry and fiction works. I also shout at clouds, with increasing degrees of success. A personal renaissance is already in full swing.

For business enquiries, please email write (at) internetofwords (dot) com

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Currently In Progress: #NaNoWriMo19 is still ongoing. Dentistry scuppered a great deal of December. It is, I discovered, incredibly difficult to concentrate when all you can feel is mouth rebelling against your body. However, the worst has now passed. I say that but still can’t eat properly on that side… ^^

In Episodic Fiction News:: EX/WHI will restart on Friday, January 3rd. Again, you can blame my tooth for this not happening sooner.

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End of the Fear 800px
24 Poems about Southend on Sea

Click here for the complete collection, with photos and other text by me.
This is part of the Places of Poetry initiative.

I did an interview about my work on 5Live. You can listen to it below.

I was asked to sign a rights form for one of my poems, for possible inclusion in BBC1’s ‘Countryfile’ but I never made the final report. It’ll still get framed though.

All my other poetry collections have now been rejected. We’re re-writing.

I was a winner of the Members’ Poems competition in the Winter 2018 issue of Poetry News, official publication of the Poetry Society. The theme of the contest was ‘The Abstract Space’, inspired by the poetry of W.S. Graham and judged by Rachael Boast. The poem that won, The Beast in Cyberspace, can be read on the Poetry Society’s website. I performed this piece live at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden on February 8th.

I also performed live at Metal‘s Future Park event on September 20th. That makes three spoken word appearances this year (yes I’m totally counting Mslexicon’s Open Mic in that) and that will be improved upon in 2020. I’ll also be submitting a Residency application next year. I’d love to try and get in for the last one this year, but it’s honestly not practical and I need better ideas. So, time to work on some.

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This bit is new. 2020 marks a trip into ‘other stuff’ that is not writing. I’m currently training to be a Mental health Champion, and am going to see if timings this year will support me going to get certificated as a Mental health First Aider. There will also be fundraising for Mind, who were responsible for giving me counselling in 2019. The notional total in my head is £1000 raised in 12 months. Let’s see how it goes.

I’ll be taking part in RED January, beginning on the 1st :D


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Other poetry and writing gubbins will appear on @MoveablePress or @InternetofWords via Twitter. Note my Twitter handle’s changed. Don’t trust whoever it is pretending to be @AlternativeChat. They’re lying.

The Warcraft Blog has been altered to cover my 40 year relationship with Computer Gaming in all its forms and can be found here. Ironically, I’m being casual in Warcraft again. No, I don’t know either.

YouTube Channel for Monthly content is here. If you look closely enough, sometime in January some video content should appear.

Daily Personal Twitter: @MoveablePress
Daily Work Twitter: @InternetofWords
Brain-dump Central, Arizona: @ThisThirdPlace

The Internet of Words can be found on Instagram. That too might be worth a look this year.

We don’t go to Facebook. It is a silly place.