• Quiet


    I was a good Wife today. As a result, there will be plenty of conversation tomorrow.

  • Away


    I had a day in London today, and something remarkable happened. For the first time in 48 years, I was genuinely honest with myself. That might seem quite the incongruous statement, but actually it is totally and utterly accurate. How long it now takes me to get from this statement to the next one I […]

  • Tough Crowd

    Tough Crowd

    I could have predicted that today would be difficult. I effectively ran out of calories about an hour ago. I didn’t sleep well, and I’ve been skittery and nervous since breakfast. My brain feels like I’m running on a sugar high when the sweetest thing I’ve had today was the tablespoonful of honey in my […]

  • Beauty


    I’ve always thought individuality is beautiful. Having the balls to just be what you are, regardless of how unconventional and ridiculous the rest of the World may believe, enforce or present you as being… that’s something to be embraced and nurtured. Speaking as someone who’s never considered herself attractive at any point in her life, the […]

  • Sleep


    I have recorded two Podcasts, written three Blog Posts and torn up and thrown away six pages of fiction today. I’ve been awake since… well, I’ll be honest, I didn’t do sleep properly at all last night (no you don’t need to know why.) I slotted in an hour this morning after Breakfast, but after […]

  • Backwards


    My weight’s gone back up. I’m going to blame hormones and an increase in exercise, and not get stressed about the fact that My Fitness Pal’s told me I’ve lost the same three pounds for the last two weeks. I know what the problem is, and now I just have to fix it. It will […]

  • Lost


    I’m beginning to love the moments when I can lose myself in the world. For the second time on a Sunday, I was able to go walk on my own around the place where I live. We’re very lucky to be in the middle of a busy city but in an area which is both […]

  • Rain


    I’ve not actually written any Fiction for a while, and today I intend to fix this. I realised before the Easter break started for my kids I’d kind of pushed myself into mental exhaustion in various places, that I needed to take a breath and step back for a bit. I’m still looking at the scripts […]

  • Weekends


    I want to play games, but instead I will now go and tidy the house. Yes, you see, I can be a grown up sometimes. Now I’m relaxed, I can also make sensible and meaningful decisions :D

  • Balance


    I’ve made it to Thursday and actually, gradually, the new schedule is beginning to fit into place. There are still quite a few areas that I need to work on, but this transition to an exercise-based existence works rather well. I’ve begun to think about what I eat in a far more realistic fashion than I […]