• Rain


    I’ve not actually written any Fiction for a while, and today I intend to fix this. I realised before the Easter break started for my kids I’d kind of pushed myself into mental exhaustion in various places, that I needed to take a breath and step back for a bit. I’m still looking at the scripts…

  • Weekends


    I want to play games, but instead I will now go and tidy the house. Yes, you see, I can be a grown up sometimes. Now I’m relaxed, I can also make sensible and meaningful decisions :D

  • Balance


    I’ve made it to Thursday and actually, gradually, the new schedule is beginning to fit into place. There are still quite a few areas that I need to work on, but this transition to an exercise-based existence works rather well. I’ve begun to think about what I eat in a far more realistic fashion than I…

  • Recycling


    I spent a happy hour yesterday using my own Flickr site to provide headers for the website. I’ve always enjoyed photography (as has been discussed previously) but I will freely admit I’m a lazy sod, and only have the iPhone camera with me constantly. Maybe that will change in time, I don’t know, but for the…

  • Blue Sky Thinking

    Blue Sky Thinking

    By the time this is published, I’ll have been established as a co-host on my second US-based Gaming Podcast. This is an odd feeling, writing at 4am, but in truth I’ve not slept properly since about 2am anyway, the nerves are far too raw. When I accepted this job offer I knew the deal was…

  • Faffing About

    Faffing About

    This is a quote. It has no relevance in context.

  • Time Shift

    Time Shift

    Today, I start a new ‘job’ which (as yet) doesn’t pay me anything. This may yet change, we will see, but what it does signify is an important step into a larger Universe. I was interviewed for this position and as the person had absolutely no idea who I was save for my currently available…

  • Earn your Crust

    Earn your Crust

    I’m going to go and walk for two hours after this cup of tea, mostly to be able to earn enough calories to have some (but not all) of the Green and Blacks Easter Egg I was bought for today’s chocolate celebration. The difference between now and before I did the Fitness thing properly is…

  • Trained Monkey

    Trained Monkey

    Some days, writing ends up as pretty fucking thankless. Yesterday was a prime example of this, and I realise that unless I’m going to spend hours upon hours explaining every motivation to people, this is an inevitable consequence of my actions. What this does mean, of course, is that to ensure there’s no confusion at…

  • All is Quiet

    All is Quiet

    So yesterday I learnt that WordPress will publish a Post even when I think its been cancelled. This is therefore going to call for me actually to pay attention. The plan today is not to do anything online related now stuff is posted, because we have no kids. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll see you…