• 13:39

    My car has gone in for its first major service since we bought it last year. The garage is literally around the corner from the house, so I drove it down there and walked back. It’s a really brisk day, and I rather enjoyed being out early on a non-School morning. It also shows just […]

  • Sunday

    Once upon a time I’d write in large, unwieldy chunks. As time has gone on I’ve begin to grasp I lose a lot of subtlety by doing so. My biggest problem is detail: I get so wrapped up in the grand sweep of events that I fail to consider the minutiae, and that matters more than […]

  • Saturday Morning #1

    I am learning stuff as I go along, every single day. Sometimes it’s practical shit, like the new WP control panel or some bit of CSS that I need for Blogger. Then there are the moments when I grasp I don’t actually require separate hosting if I’m prepared to concede on a few items of vanity […]

  • Friday Time Shift

    The beauty with the Internet is that you don’t have to press ‘Publish’ as soon as you have a great idea. There are mechanics in place to allow you to schedule stuff. They’ll also tell you that your posts should have original titles to make it easier for your readership to identify your subject matter. […]

  • Thursday Morning

    I get an immense amount of satisfaction deleting four plus years of my life where I realise I wasn’t being honest with myself. I blogged for a very long time out of a sense of misguided obligation. I know this now looking back on what I’ve done and how it panned out: as if you had […]