Walk Like an Egyptian

I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks about my own body, and that the notion of frustration in exercise is an actual, real occurrence. This might seem like stating the bleeding obvious for some people, but I should probably explain at this point that pushing myself physically is never something that I’d had to deal with before. In fact, exercise was, for a long time, something I was actually afraid of.

I was a pretty sickly kid, and was never encouraged to exercise with any effort, mostly because I excelled academically and it never came up in conversation. As I got older I’d simply just do enough and never worry about anything else, and this was all well and good until it became apparent after Child #2 that just doing enough wasn’t making any positive inroads into making my body return to the state I remember before pregnancy. Then I began the process of sustained effort and the changes became incredibly and immediately apparent.


It began with the simple act of carrying shopping, and how I’d notice less effort expended as I pushed the physical. Now I’m beginning to notice it takes less time to walk to and from places, and my World has begun to shrink. Exercises that were frightening before are now academic. I can do 500 meters on the rower in close to 2 minutes 10 seconds. No, I won’t break any records, but I can remember when that was a 3 minute exercise. I can now do 36 press-ups without breaking sweat when before I couldn’t even manage one. It is small, attainable goals that I aim for and then exceed. It is developing strength and stamina when before I would have given up and walked away.

It is knowing my age is just a number and becomes largely academic if I want something badly enough.


After that, it is knowing how much better I feel, and I do. Less tired, quicker recovery, more incentive to work, and concentration improving. I find myself going out of my way to keep the steps and exercise going. It’s actually fun to think about buying new clothes.Mostly today however it was being able to go out in a shirt and leggings and not feel either embarrassed or uncomfortable that sealed the deal.

Yes, exercise is absolutely worth the effort.

Waking Hours

I’ve identified at least one of the issues with my continued inability to function, and it is my sleep pattern that’s at fault. Right now, I’m not managing more than about four hours uninterrupted a night. I now have the task of identifying why, and it’s more than likely that hormones are to blame. The ups and downs I’ve been feeling emotionally and physically certainly owe a lot to a body that’s adjusting to a change in its hormonal cycles, that much is apparent. However, I can also identify some other issues, at least one which is associated with my current fiction. As a result I’ll be starting today a series of ‘process’ blogs over on the Writing/Gaming site which will explore the psychological consequences of wanting to write something with a sense of emotional accuracy.


I’ve also restarted #28FitDays as of yesterday with a better organisational plan and with rest days built into the equation. I’ll still aim to hit a step goal on those days but through normal daily behaviour and not with specific trips to the Gym or planned exercise. Hopefully that means that by the end of May (when I’m due for a five day holiday) I’ll have done enough to allow me some indulgences. Mostly this is a lovely long, uninterrupted block of time to use as a means to continue my fitness regime.

On that front, it’s time for PT today, which I’m looking forward to WAY more than I really should be. Considering last week my trainer reduced me to a wreck? I’m now wondering what is likely to get thrown at me today. I’m also going to eat breakfast down there after I’ve walked to the Gym, so as I’m now bloody starving, it might be an idea to get going…

Long Distance

My #28FitDays was not nearly as successful as I had hoped, mostly because I did too much, and didn’t provision nearly enough recovery time into my equation. Therefore as of today I’ve restarted my plan. With my PT now established on a Monday, I’ll take rest days on Wednesday and Saturday, and aim to pull a 12k minimum steps regardless. Mostly, I realise how essential this has become to maintaining my sanity.

Unless you understand the significance of that statement, you won’t get the importance of the effort.

Next week, I promise to have more to say. For now, I’m simply concentrating on moving forward.

Station Approach

Yesterday, I failed my #28FitDays Challenge, because I decided I wanted to spend an evening with an extremely old and dear friend. It was utterly worth it, including the weight loss I’ve managed this week as a result. Sometimes, not finishing first will not negate your effort.


At that point, I couldn’t remember when I’d been as happy as I was, and I now am. For that alone? Utterly worth it. Today I went and did my steps, and tomorrow I’ll do a double day to make up for the shortfall.

Because that, sometimes, is how Life works.

Feeling Good

Today I begin #28FitDays, which is my plan to finally shift some weight and get my body into a whole new place in terms of shape and tone. The fact it begins on the 28th is something of a happy accident, and the next four weeks will see me trying to attain some goals which, let’s face it, are hardly earth shattering:

  • Make sure I do 12k steps EVERY DAY (as you can see above, I’ve missed six days thus far in March
  • Even though it will pain me greatly, I will keep to a strict and regimented calorie intake. NO CHOCOLATE OR CAKE (insert sadface here)
  • An attempt to attack my waistline, which is the only part of my body currently not actively targeted.

I also plan to try and do a couple of high step days in all of this: in the back of my mind I’m looking at 40k steps (which is my next Fitbit badge) and wondering if I can plan a suitable day to crack that. There’s an addition too: I intend to start using Zwift, which I’ve spoken about before, and Mr Alt has kindly fixed the shed so I will be able to use his bike on which to train. That is an experience that I’d like to at least try, so expect some reports on this as time goes on.

Mostly, this is me pushing the fitness up a gear. After all, if you don’t keep setting goals, life can get a bit predictable :D