Banana Republic

I’ve never been a Royalist. If they try and give me an award, at any point, I will turn it down. I don’t need a bunch of regal people telling me they think I’m good enough. If it ever got to that stage, other people’s validation will be more than enough, thank you very much. I’m also mightily annoyed the National Broadcaster is acting as if it’s State Media as well. Seriously, this is not 1953. Give it a rest, guys.

Lots to do, but for now I’ll be over here celebrating the fact I didn’t fuck up my body over Lockdown.

All the Small Things

Training went very well yesterday. I made some important personal progress. I’ve also applied to be a Media Champion, so we’ll see how that goes.

And now, Progress News:

As it transpired, there’s still some work to do on this, but no matter. It’s gonna be finished today, as is the other stuff I planned to do. However, there’s a 5k Run to put in first, as we are getting close to the end of REDJanuary, and I still have some fundraising to do. The plan is to take a day off on Saturday and just do my daily yoga, and then start again on Sunday except this time rest days get scheduled in.


I reckon it will happen again next year, assuming the planet survives that long and we’re not eaten by mutating viruses. Overall, it’s been a massively helpful learning experience, and I’m all for those in my life. There’s also an almost fully formed plan for February as well, which we’ll finish off sometime next week: i’d planned to try and do some video work this month too, but quite honestly there has simply not been the time.

We’ll fix that going forward.


I have often ascribed to the slogan ‘slow is the new fast’ and never was that more appropriate than right now. However, the momentum is all forward, where normally after an event like Thursday’s I’d either never acknowledge it happened, or just go backwards. So in that respect, this is new and potentially quite interesting. I thought about locking my ‘main’ Twitter account but nah, it can stay as it is for now.

We’ll do the discussion elsewhere.

Right, let’s get going.

Give Me the Night

Nothing to say yesterday. I played games with my daughter, we made pancakes, and generally a lot of fun was had. Oh yeah, and exercise.

First bit was a 20 minute HIIT session on the treadmill (2 mins walk 1 min run) followed by a bunch of balance stuff on the Bosu and then some TRX core work. Basically, it’s all about effective maintenance between sessions (PT today) and making sure I’m active whenever possible. The step count slid last week for obvious reasons: I’ll walk to and from the Gym today to get back on track.

Still not really unpacked last week either. It’ll happen, but not today.

I’ve had lots of thoughts about gaming this week, many of which will be kept to myself. Those I am prepared to share are around Terraria, the game I’m playing with my daughter’s help, and how therapeutic that’s been for both of us in the last few weeks. Needless to say, the lack of stress over missing out on something or having to constantly grind something else to stay relevant is not at all missed.

This week is poetry editing and working out what I work on next in a literary sense. I already have two projects earmarked that will take me through to September: all that needs to happen now is for me to organise myself to make it happen. There are other things as well, and once I’ve got some web-pages sorted and poems uploaded, we’ll work on them. Everything in that regard is well under control.

I just have to get on with it.