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  • Embarrassment


    It’s good to know absolutely nothing has changed for certain people in Lockdown. I have form with the woman mentioned in this Thread, and possess a far longer memory than she clearly does. I’ll have my revenge, but for now it’s more important doing the work than it is complaining about the surroundings. You can’t […]

  • Justified and Ancient

    Yesterday, with minimal fanfare, The KLF released their most famous songs onto streaming services and YouTube. No longer will I have to keep Apple Music well away from my MP3’s and, finally there are versions of classics on an OFFICIAL KLF YouTube Channel… Of course, there’s a shedtonne of fan-based stuff all over everywhere for […]

  • Imagination


    Okay, so there’s a start to the rebrand, but I’m not totally 100% happy with the logo. However, as it’s only lasting a month, we will cope. Next month, it is time to muck about with what my identity actually means.

  • Blues Walk

    Blues Walk

    I no longer have an office chair. I’m typing this whilst sitting on a yoga ball. Over the years I’ve trued various things in an attempt to deal with a back problem that stems from my first pregnancy, and a hastily-applied epidural before an Emergency C-Section. The ball, amazingly, is turning out to be not […]

  • Ride on Time

    Ride on Time

    Okay, I have stuff to share. There's even a graphic, if I can find it… pic.twitter.com/vkErHtbNl4 — 🌳 Sarah Reeson πŸ€ Exposed Frailties 🌳 (@MoveablePress) February 23, 2020 I could have stuck my dream from last night up here, but chose Social media for a reason: the reach is better. However much writing this way […]

  • Building the Perfect Beast

    Building the Perfect Beast

    DAY 14:Β The end of 2018 deserves to be pushed out with a bang. One from the vaults; Here's the KERMODE UNCUT blog from March 2010 which (according to legend) confirmed to TV execs that I was definitely not the droid they were looking for. I still find it funny:https://t.co/98BidsEmwX — Mark Kermode (@KermodeMovie) December 29, […]

  • New Frontier

    New Frontier

    REALLY needed a haircut 😎 pic.twitter.com/NtFTMf9Kdl — 🌊 Sarah πŸ“ Shonky Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) November 15, 2018 Right then. We have an appointment for two weeks time to get the last bit of my hair that remains not white to become so. Then, it might be time to start taking a bit more care with […]

  • Love What You Do

    Love What You Do

    This is one of many lines in the sand, drawn because I’m absolutely fed up of growth being used as a means to make money, and not betterment as a person. I have no desire to share my posts and improve likes by sticking a hashtag on the end. However, I’ve included one that will […]

  • The Old Songs :: One

    The Old Songs :: One

    There will now be an unscheduled diversification of content, ahead of me having a weekend away with Mr Alt in the beautiful Peak District. I’m a sucker for Derbyshire: blame Jane Austen for that obsession, but for the next three days all that matters are vintage bikes, dressing up and enjoying what looks like could […]

  • Time


    My life is coming to a fairly significant crossroads. In just over a month, I commit myself at 50 to becoming my own arbiter, attempting to create a new career as a 21st Century Nonconformist.Β In a World where so many shout their mantras into the ether, which some believe rotates far too closely around circles […]