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  • Justified and Ancient

    Yesterday, with minimal fanfare, The KLF released their most famous songs onto streaming services and YouTube. No longer will I have to keep Apple Music well away from my MP3’s and, finally there are versions of classics on an OFFICIAL KLF YouTube Channel… Of course, there’s a shedtonne of fan-based stuff all over everywhere for […]

  • Fame


    That’s my poem IN THE SUNDAY FUCKING TELEGRAPH, that is. I’d assumed, when they did the interview, that all that mattered was the serious stuff. I’d fully expected anything contentious to be edited out (as it appears was the case with the other poet they spoke to) and to have my mental health shout out […]

  • Here’s the Thing

    Here’s the Thing

    It’s odd, looking at official guidance, and deciding you don’t need it. Except, of course, August’s hospital visit is still fresh in the memory. I do need it. Having spent the last three years pushing myself to be social and out of the stay at home mentality, this is a bit of a blow. The only […]

  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough

    I might be tired, emotionally shredded and ache, but today I am enough. — 🗿 Sarah's Poems 📝 100% Passion Guaranteed 🗿 (@MoveablePress) March 23, 2019 This week has not been kind. I slept without my Fitbit last night because sometimes, you don’t wanna know. A 9.30 PT should, I hope, kick-start a day of […]

  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    490 Turns later, did what I wanted to do. PROGRESS :D pic.twitter.com/GLyu9qHZSl — 🌊 Sarah @ The Estuary 📝 Redefined Metrics 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 26, 2019 There’s a certain level of guilt that exists when you blow off an entire day of potential progress to cock about in your PJ’s, but yesterday, honestly, it had […]

  • Point of View

    DAY 12: Huel for breakfast, followed by an early session of PT. If you wonder what all of that looks like together, in a vastly more accurate visual than Fitbit can produce… there’s an app for that now. Amazingly, you can see the rest between sets here. The blue at each end is my walk to and […]

  • Beautiful Noise

    Beautiful Noise

    DAY 3: This is new. Sure, all the thoughts are a mess again this morning but my basic functions are WAY more alive and capable. I was out sitting in the car waiting for my daughter feeling far less stressed than would normally be the case on a school day. There was enough cognisance to write […]

  • Love What You Do

    Love What You Do

    This is one of many lines in the sand, drawn because I’m absolutely fed up of growth being used as a means to make money, and not betterment as a person. I have no desire to share my posts and improve likes by sticking a hashtag on the end. However, I’ve included one that will […]