Sing Sing Sing

Sometime, the whole of your existence opens up, spring flower reaching upwards towards sunlight and promise of a new day.

Other times, everything is shit and you just want to die.

Welcome to the one where someone else’s enthusiasm finally kicked down a door in my brain before storming inside.

Julia and I have known each other for a few years now. She and I met thanks to a mutual love of that video game,¬†which is a fairly good barometer of whether or not I’ll get on with you regardless. We had lunch a few weeks back, and sitting there it was genuinely satisfying to see her enthuse over my daily Short Story. You know the one, that gets told in 280 character bursts every day.

Short Stories are TOUGH. Doing them well is an art form even more shrouded in mystery and difficulty than poetry. However, I’m cracking that and therefore, by extension, short stories look like the next logical step forward. I’ve been bouncing an idea around in my head for the last week that, if this were a perfect Universe, I’d pitch as a Dr Who script. However, as this is as likely to happen as me being confirmed as the next Doctor, it is time to accept that maybe, that narrative could be used in another way.

Perhaps it is time to work towards a Short Story collection and mean it.

Hexa is Greek for six, obviously. I have a bunch of stories in various stages of Development Hell [TM] and thanks to this morning’s burst of light into a previously dark place, that’s four stories that are just asking to be finished. Having spent the last few days looking at the editing project I’ve scheduled for this month and, all things being equal, that should be finished by the end of next week.¬†If that can happen, then I can write this.

It is an interesting challenge to see if I can complete. Six short stories.

I mean, really, how hard could it be?

Big Time

Welcome to the first day of a new world. I’ve been promising myself that at some point I’ll stop fucking about, simply pretending to do this writing lark. Inspired by various friends who are making significant life changes and forging new careers for themselves later in life, I knew this was the moment. I think we’re in a position to make something¬†stick.

2017 Schedule.png

I’m never going to be a streamer. You and I both know I do my best work when not stuck up the front, after¬†consideration and planning is allowed. Therefore, I’m pushing the personal agenda to the fore¬†for the first time in eight years. There’ll still be Warcraft posts, but I feel that maybe if I stop lying to you that’s what I’m really here for then it will be easier to cope with life myself. That means this place and my writing is getting sold more, and I’ll be pushing my remit further afield. You’ll see absolutely no changes on the Twitter feed however, that remains exactly as is. It’s simply a redefinition, albeit subtly, of the rest of the stuff behind it.


That means, going forward, I’ll be rearranging a lot of the back end, shifting project priorities and generally having a tidy up. This place, however, is now the key focus. I’m still writing a weekly Warcraft column and my stuff for the Community Mag but there will be days now when there’s nothing on Twitter from that Blog except a link to a previous post.¬†The biggest trick in making time to write is prioritising what matters, after all. It also means I’ll be considering what is placed here with a bit more care in the months that follow, and to that end there’s already a boatload of planning to my right to support the change. However, for those of you who think this might mean there’ll be skimping on the fiction front, I’m here to reassure you that’s most definitely not the case.

The novel remains a major project and one of the reasons all this stuff’s being moved is to give me more time, not less. I’ve got my version of the book cover’s main graphic ‘in production’ right now and as soon as my commissioning artist is done I’ll be launching a section dedicated to it on my writing site as I go through the process of completion, editing and then attempting to find a publisher. That’s one of the goals from last year I’ve not hit, and until I do, we’re pushing forward with all speed. There will also be other projects: I’ve got a number of things sitting on the sidelines, I just need to organise myself away sufficiently to get them all moving, plus completion on the stuff that’s already started.


There you have it. Most people who are only here for the Warcraft jazz won’t take a blind bit of notice of this, and that’s just fine. If you want to support me in my venture? There will be ways and means going forward, but not just yet.¬†For now, we’ll do this for a while and get everything established, and once that’s done?

Anything is possible if I can do the work.


Last night, I plucked up the courage to share something with friends, and was quietly stunned at their positive reactions. I’ve stated on many occasions I enjoy the business of writing, but actually telling stories can be quite fraught. However, this one’s been around in my brain for a while and so I feel confident enough with the narrative to commit. What happens next, of course, is that I have to complete what I have begun. However, that’s nowhere near as frightening as it once was.

I’ve decided to ask for help in what might seem like an unexpected place.


My daughter’s taken her first steps into digital art thanks to a bunch of people I follow on Twitter, who inspired her to branch out from just pencil and paper. She has produced some amazing works in the last year, and it has made me realise just how influential other people’s interpretation of your world can be. So, I’ve approached a good friend (who’s currently doing the cover art for the upcoming Bond fanfic) and asked her if she’d be willing to draw my characters for me, based on my own words and suggestions.¬†This means I have to actually create plausible and believable biographies for all of these individuals, and come up with physical attributes for them all. It’s all a part of learning process for my writing, that I’m finding more than a little enjoyable.


As a rule, I’m not that great at patience and organising myself, despite presentations to the contrary. This is something that makes me think and directs attention to characterisation, and can only be a good thing in the long term. Also, as I don’t intend to serialise this novel and would like to try and get the thing published ‘properly’ so I make real actual money from it? Having advertising material to draw people in without giving away plot would actually be rather useful.¬†So this stuff will serve several purposes.

Mostly, its the steps into a larger Universe that are the most fun of all.


In Darkness let me Dwell

His hand is comfort, wrapped around
the shattered fragments of my broken whole.
Warm mouth relieves the stress of
countless moments, lost in others hearts unheard.
I rest content, no need to feel or know
the pain of lovers gone, with judgement passed.
This is the peace in darkness,
dwelling silent and complete, without concern.

There is no need for words or knowledge yet,
we are enough as one, together bound.
This calm surrounds the whole, brings peace
to all the chaos of before;
Because you heard the cry I gave and knew
this fear of being isolated and alone.
In darkness let me dwell within you whole,
a final respite for my troubled soul.

Death in Venice

For the last week, I’ve been trying to write a section of fiction that has been steadfastly eluding me. In fact, I’ve had nightmares, and moments of pure unadulterated rage because the description just wouldn’t come. Finally, blissfully, IT IS DONE. The thing’s¬†not complete, far from it, but the basic foundations are now in place. It might end up being finally decorated and finished, but this is the plan and the direction, and I never want to go to Venice ever. I don’t care how beautiful and romantic this city might be, NO. JUST NO.



Next up? Northern Italy, which actually is likely to be FAR less stressful, as most of it is actually written and only needs to be strung together… except there’s some porn to write with a rather interesting twist.

Excuse me while I go and lie somewhere dark for a while.