Yesterday, I started a project to reboot my online life. It could have been quite simple to keep going this year without such massive upheaval, but on reflection this all has to change. I’ve been spinning this line for the last fortnight, but here’s where the hard work really starts. I have a plan, and lots of places that need a redesign. There are new projects too, one of which inspired me to take the plunge to change direction.

There’s a story too, about how I decided to move this way, which would normally be told here. Instead, today, I’m going to tell it on my Patreon, and ask you to go read it there. Except, like the smart woman I am, it will go behind a paywall. That’s what’s going to happen from now on with the best articles created, and although some will decry this as another sign of western civilisation’s imminent destruction, it has to be done.

Please consider supporting my Patreon.


This will, I’m sure, be impossible for a lot of you. The survey responses I’ve had so far tell a damning story: we’d love to support you, but we can’t afford it, and there’s total understanding of this stance. However, I’m also in the position of being unable to support anybody else’s Patreon right now unless I can find cash from somewhere. Something has to give. This is the thing I do best, so it’s time to monetise.

The ‘official’ launch is March 10th, for reasons that makes sense on paper: I’m able then to build up a stack of articles for people to read, plan ahead a bit and iron out what are a number of issues with my page. However, right now, all the stuff is up there and ready to roll. I’m reasonably confident that if you wanted to become a patron today, you could. If you do, it’s the means by which I take the next step in my online evolution.

I am on the way to becoming something that already makes me extremely happy.


I have over half a century of history as yet unexplored in this new state. There’s a love of ideas and concepts that is re-emerging after decades in darkness. The ability to discuss this, describe it and produce unique, varied content has been a skill set I’ve worked on now for over a decade. This is absolutely the moment for everything to come together in a perfect storm of creativity.

It will happen regardless of how many Patrons I end up with, I suspect, but I’d like to think I could persuade more people to come along for the ride just by sheer force of will, and there are early signs that this might actually be working. The only way to ensure that impetus doesn’t get lost is to plan, and be ready for anything. I know the people who won’t listen, have seen them and understand why.

Not everybody is going to like this, and that’s perfectly okay.


I’m here, talking to the people who do. Entry Level on the Patreon is a fiver (or about $8 for the US people) That’s the equivalent of a decent bottle of wine, a good book or a takeaway. I can guarantee you’ll get more value for money spending that money with me. You might even learn something along the way. Take a chance on me, just this once, and when everything takes off, you can say you were there at the beginning.

The lowest tier also guarantees your name will be remembered for the rest of time as someone who took a chance on me, via a special piece of my website. If you go highest tier, you’ll be forever remembered in the acknowledgements of my first self-published collection later this year. I won’t ever forget the kindness of everyone who supports me at this crucial juncture. Of that you can be utterly assured.

Time to begin a new chapter. 

It’s Not the End of the World?

Starting new things can feel like the hardest task you ever undertook, and then some. As we’re still sitting in the ‘chaos’ section of my Change Process Wallchart, maybe this is all a bit too much to ask, but honestly there is never a good time to alter course when you possess the turning circle of a supertanker. I’ve got my Instagram 3 x 3 ‘layout’ all set, colour scheme picked for the month. All that has to happen now is appropriate content.

If only that were as easy as the visuals.

Fortunately, this time I’ve learnt the most important lesson early on: you don’t need to write a poem every day if you’re already writing poems elsewhere, every day. LESS IS MORE on Instagram, from what I’ve been able to ascertain. Lots of people just repost their most popular stuff, over and again, pretending it is new, and hopefully this eventually gains that much needed traction going forward.

I can do that easily. It means today therefor coming up with some lovely aesthetics, finishing this couple of poems /points over there and then treating myself to 45 minutes of yoga as a reward. There’s not been enough of that going forward. Looking after yourself really does matter, and as the Apocalypse moves ever closer, I’m gonna get really pissed off if I didn’t take time beforehand to appreciate myself more.

Nobody else is going to do it.


That’s the constant heartbeat behind all of this work right now: this is for you. Nobody else will care as much about the work as you do. No-one else will grasp significance of those lines. They will place their own interpretations upon the work, because that is what human beings do. If you are lucky, maybe one person in a week will look at something and within them, molecules will resonate.

It is a slow, painful process to find oneself, truly understand what it is you are, and most people are always too distracted to bother. Other things become more important. Distraction beats introversion, because when it goes quiet and all that is left is yourself, there is nowhere left to hide. That’s the reason I know so many people never really consider these issues until it is far too late.

My world has already risen from the ashes, too many times to count.