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  • River


    The last few days have been a struggle, but here I am at the end of a day when everything got done, and my authentic voice survives intact. That’s what matters most, in the end, to survive and thrive regardless. There’s a lot to do this week as well, and I need to keep on […]

  • Believe


    Last night, something happened mentally that I am still processing, but which shed light on a whole bunch of stuff I’ve previously left well alone. The past does indeed remain where it lives, but occasionally what happened back then will give significant pause for thought. In this case, it was the action of trying to […]

  • Change


    Right then. Yesterday was, without doubt, one of the best I’ve had for organisation for some time. It helps that the back of work was broken on Sunday, and now I’m left with the process of scheduling (which will happen after this.) Then it’s all about finishing off outstanding stuff, and starting the next batch […]

  • Paranoid Android

    Paranoid Android

    (I’ve been listening to the Radiohead OKNotOK remaster all week. No Surprises as to what keep cropping up as lyric prompts.) I lay awake at 5am this morning, as has become something of a habit of late. It’s not bad,  looking at the daily sleep cycle: I went to bed at ten because EXHAUSTED and […]

  • The Test

    The Test

    Taking risks is part of being alive. How else will you ever make progress otherwise?

  • There’s No Other Way

    There’s No Other Way

    On Sunday, I went with my Husband to the Gym, and ran whist he did a static bike class. Opposite my Treadmill are a set of upright bikes, and 10 minutes into my session in walks a guy with iPad, iPhone and a padded lunchbox. He’d been cycling less than 5 minutes when his breakfast […]

  • Don’t Tell Me

    Don’t Tell Me

    Before we begin, let me quantify the following: I firmly 100% agree in the concept of Global Warming It is undoubtedly true that bad energy management and human error has warmed up the Planet Pretending there isn’t a problem is both bad and inherently dangerous Having said all that? This tweet is not making me […]