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  • All Time High

    All Time High

    Since the #MeToo Movement emerged in Hollywood (and beyond) the knives have been out for Ian Fleming’s secret agent. It is no surprise, on reflection: if you wanted a genre that had male dominance stamped all over it, here it is. Despite various attempts to shift emphasis (and a distinct move away completely from women […]

  • Almost Home

    Almost Home

    I can see light at the end of the Bond tunnel. Last night I finally filled in the holes of plot that had been avoiding me for a couple of weeks, by effectively trashing a 10 thousand word section. ‘Kill your darlings’ is the thing I’ve always struggled with when writing, assuming that because a […]

  • Death in Venice

    Death in Venice

    For the last week, I’ve been trying to write a section of fiction that has been steadfastly eluding me. In fact, I’ve had nightmares, and moments of pure unadulterated rage because the description just wouldn’t come. Finally, blissfully, IT IS DONE. The thing’s not complete, far from it, but the basic foundations are now in place. […]

  • Imagination


    This morning, a tweet sent me down a rabbit hole. i watched a bunch of spy movies and developed this extremely accurate FBI floorplan pic.twitter.com/h6ErusbsnA — monica heisey (@monicaheisey) April 6, 2016 I took one look at this and freaked, because not only is it a) funny  and b) probably more accurate than I’d care to […]