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  • War


    Yesterday was a massively important day, and as a result I need to reassess. Expect change, beginning tomorrow.

  • Fame


    That’s my poem IN THE SUNDAY FUCKING TELEGRAPH, that is. I’d assumed, when they did the interview, that all that mattered was the serious stuff. I’d fully expected anything contentious to be edited out (as it appears was the case with the other poet they spoke to) and to have my mental health shout out […]

  • Life in Tokyo

    Life in Tokyo

    Sometimes, shit just *happens* No real thought, no hours of painful brain-wracking. You just wake up, boil a kettle and as you stare at a tablet, words happen. I suspect it is the equivalent of a sketch from an artist which perfectly encapsulates the fluidity of both motion and moment and sadly, they do not […]

  • Tower of Strength

    Tower of Strength

    A bunch of ridiculously rich people worried about being ‘cancelled’ (with no grasp at all what this really means) co-signed a statement yesterday. The two most notable (at least for me) had already come together in conflict earlier in the day on something far more telling. This is where we are now. There are no […]

  • Coming Up

    Coming Up

    Hi. You won’t know me, but I’ve been here for a while. It’s been a long, difficult journey to finally start blogging: lots of courage, a fair measure of faith. However, circumstances have dictated change: starting tomorrow, this is how things work. Neophyte Me could tear the book up and start from scratch, but that […]

  • Beautiful Day

    Beautiful Day

    No, it’s not Endgame but having seen this movie yesterday I can categorically state this is, without doubt, the #1 Best Movie about a Videogame by quite some distance. It uses the source material without treating it like the Holy Grail, it doesn’t worry too much about taking the piss out of itself, there is absolutely no […]

  • Superstition


    I'm very angry today. We'll use that to good effect. — 🗿 Sarah's Poems 📝 Less Grief Associates 🗿 (@AlternativeChat) February 12, 2019 I read an article over the weekend that suggests, quite rightly, that being angry is useful, assuming that ire can be channelled effectively. This has been happening for a while: identifying what […]

  • Moonlight Serenade

    Moonlight Serenade

    What matters more to you, at any moment in time? Is everything a drive to gain interest in your personal projects? Are you desperate to feel a part of something bigger than yourself? Sorry for all these questions so early in the day, but perhaps it is time to try and engage the people around […]

  • Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In

    Holy shit. @RPGnet not fucking around. See, @jack, you colossal coward, it ain't that tough. pic.twitter.com/lk3AhNPVJ1 — Curtis's Reanimated Corpse (@rhinosaur) October 30, 2018 Anyone making money off the Internet cannot afford to upset anybody. The plan has to be, like it or not, that anybody’s money is good right up to the point where […]

  • Your Game

    Your Game

    I had to wear a jumper for an hour this morning. I’ve missed that. I’m also still on the first cuppa of the day, thinking about what happened yesterday and trying to work out what should be written about. At 5pm I found myself in East London when the heavens opened, and it is easy […]