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  • Lonely Soul

    Lonely Soul

    At time of writing, that tweet’s been interacted with over 35,000 times. Of the seven people who responded (that’s a woeful ratio) over half of them turned up to be ignorant, stupid twats. I know there will people who’ll look at my sample size with disdain, but I’d say that’s a pretty good barometer for […]

  • Even in the Quietest Moments

    Even in the Quietest Moments

    I can now Tweet up to 280 characters. I don’t intend to do that with the majority of my output, and here’s why. Watching the annoyance and frustration last night as the feature rolled out in parts of my social sphere and not others, it was almost funny to think that this change was, for […]

  • Walkaway


    It's not that people are necessarily any more reprehensible than before. It's just that it's all online now and so are we. — Just Faith (@faithinthehouse) March 5, 2017 It is important, as we mentioned last week, to be able to step back and be objective when living in any space whose rules are defined […]

  • Gett Off

    Gett Off

    This is not the post I was going to write today. I made a conscious decision early in the week to reduce the number of people I’m following. It appears that between 800-900 follows is the limit of what I can cope with, if everybody is polite and I’m capable of assimilating what I’m reading […]

  • Fight the Power

    Fight the Power

    When I grow up, I’d like to be a Professional Troll-Slayer. No, not THAT kind (though I do have the beard for this) but the type that has enough brains, clout and sheer bravado to take the Internet Troll to task: news feeds are now littered with examples of how J.K Rowling slays all who […]

  • Your Game

    Your Game

    If all you care about are numbers, success can be easily devolved down to a 1/0 equation. I mean LOOK AT MY INFOGRAPHIC PEOPLE I have a 30% increase in mentions from last month! But that is frankly nothing compared with the WHOPPING 50% rise in engagements! What is my secret? I’ll tell you, it’s […]

  • Slave to the Rhythm

    Slave to the Rhythm

    This is me, thinking about why Twitter works as well as it does when nobody has an agenda. Today, it’s all about how you interact with the platform, and then how other people do the same with you. It’s Day Two of India vs England and suddenly, there’s an England batting collapse. Joe Root’s just […]

  • Ful Stop

    Ful Stop

    I see I’m going to have to explain this to a few people. That’s fine, it is no big deal. I’ve not really discussed the details of my illness with you so, tell you what, let’s do that now.  Anxiety is a big deal around these parts. Being ‘not good enough’ is something I’ve carried […]

  • She Said

    She Said

    I was gonna do this yesterday but got distracted. #DescribeYourself with 3 fictional characters? HERE WE GO. #FilmEdition pic.twitter.com/DILQZe01hU — Alternative Chat (@AlternativeChat) September 22, 2016 Occasionally, a meme comes along that you look at and go ‘you know what, I need to do this’ because there is an overriding desire to get people to […]

  • Requiem for a Tower

    Requiem for a Tower

    I had a big plan today, lots of words on communication and self-absorption, but after six hours sleep and having to deal with two banks plus a credit card company? It has all just shrunk to the angsty whine I suspect it was always going to be. That’s the thing about proportion: you need something […]