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  • Rednecks


    So, before we start today's actual adult content, it is time for the inaugural episode of THE QUIZ THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN PLAY: pic.twitter.com/6YOAjBuCQF — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 🗿 Unexpected Metaphor 🗿 (@MoveablePress) January 22, 2020 I keep sabotaging my own following stats: it’s ridiculous, if you happen to be the person online thinking that […]

  • Out Come the Freaks

    Out Come the Freaks

    Counselling is done. I’m on my own now: that means being able to trust judgement when it comes to knowing when I’ve made the right call on something. Slowly but surely, adjustments are being made across all parts of existence that make me progressively happier with each choice. Sure, I can’t control everything, but most […]

  • Games Without Frontiers

    Games Without Frontiers

    The first six words of this tweet are unnecessary, almost certainly intended clickbait, and divert from the rest of the message sent from the article. You should know better by now. — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) November 11, 2018 I’m getting tired of this. It happens everywhere. People are lazy, and especially […]

  • Over and Over

    Over and Over

    Even with eight hours last night, I’m still tired. Clearly this weightlifting shit is working. Once I’ve sorted out the skeleton of the week, it’ll be back to the Gym for a cardio session, because arm muscles need a day off. I can’t do this 24/7 any more but there does need to be something, […]

  • Brilliant Mind

    Brilliant Mind

    I am noticing a disturbing trend on Social media. I hope this is just isolated incidents, and the people involved realise that there’s a very fine line to be skirted here that maybe, possibly, is being overstepped by the zealous. There is an increasing feeling that some people are using mental health as a way […]

  • Hope for the Future

    Hope for the Future

    I didn’t get my mentorship. It wasn’t a surprise. In good news, they sent the e-mail nice and early, so I didn’t have to stress about it all day. Not that I would have, of course, because I already know how this is going to pan out. What mattered more this morning was bettering my […]

  • Copy Me

    Copy Me

    One of the first words my daughter learnt at her new school was plagiarism. From the beginning  to the end of the School year, that concept was drilled into her: just copying from the Internet and passing it off as your own work is wrong. I was reminded of this yesterday when reading, of all […]

  • All or Nothing at All

    All or Nothing at All

    Obsession really is a mug’s game. I can recount every point in my life where it has gotten the better of me, and how I am less of a person having succumbed. It’s a step away from jealousy too, all anger and petty blindness to anything except the fact that she’s a bitch/he’s a wanker. […]

  • Don’t Tell Me

    Don’t Tell Me

    I love this hacked meme. pic.twitter.com/ObzYjhXUxc — James Wong (@Botanygeek) January 6, 2017 These are disturbing times we live in. The value of expertise is being rapidly devalued. People would rather save money than consider consequence: as a result of linking this news story from the Guardian yesterday, a friend revealed a reasonably horrifying truth […]