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  • My Very Best

    My Very Best

    Four days in, and I’ll stop counting them at some point. Probably that will happen somewhere into the twenties, because then stuff will have become habit, and we’ll be past the novelty. Today however those furrows are still being ploughed. I need to fit two hours of exercise into the day, which will happen after […]

  • Over and Over

    Over and Over

    Even with eight hours last night, I’m still tired. Clearly this weightlifting shit is working. Once I’ve sorted out the skeleton of the week, it’ll be back to the Gym for a cardio session, because arm muscles need a day off. I can’t do this 24/7 any more but there does need to be something, […]

  • Moving On Up

    Moving On Up

    My supervised eating is going very well. It has been three days since my last chocolate. I did indulge in meringue, fruit and cream last night but the bowl was small and my daughter made it so I felt obliged to consume at least some. However I did offset this with an 800 calorie walk […]

  • Land of Confusion

    Land of Confusion

    It is really, REALLY tough at present to form coherent sentences. To give an idea: normally I can type at a fair old lick, and there’s very little thought involved when an idea’s front and centre. Right now I am having to think about every single letter being typed, and am working at the speed […]

  • The Way You make Me Feel

    The Way You make Me Feel

    Yesterday, I ended up having a conversation with someone where it became obvious that two people I could see and communicate with freely weren’t affording each other the same pleasure. Twitter doesn’t tell you who’s blocking who (probably with good reason) but after a while you get to know the people who are problematic. See, […]