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  • Downtown Lights

    Downtown Lights

    Tomorrow, I read a poem in a Book Launch for the first time. It’s not just me, there’s nearly 30 other people involved in this, and my single poem is, as are all the others, about being neurodivergent. I’m still no further forward with a diagnosis with my Doctor, and it has been almost a […]

  • Down in the Dirt

    Down in the Dirt

    I should have done this yesterday, but there is a LOT on right now and honestly, this is easier. I thought about time-shifting it back too, but today it’s better to reflect back on yesterday than pretend that this WAS yesterday :D I’ve made some fairly significant weightlifting progress, and the difference between old me […]

  • Just For You

    Just For You

    A weekend of game-playing did the trick. I am back on track and in the groove, and this is progress because instead this morning of playing a game over breakfast, there was exercise instead. I promised myself something, every day this month, even if it’s just a walk, and that plan has been kept to […]

  • The Race

    The Race

    Dear Strava, I’d like a quick word about your business model, if I may. Before we start, don’t worry, this is not a rant about Summit, I have no issues paying a subscription and never have. You have to fund yourselves somehow, that’s a given. My problem, such as it is, revolves around the countless […]

  • Fear


    Have decided to do what I said I wasn’t going to do and publish myself on video to YouTube. It’s another tiny step outside the comfort zone [TM] and as I already know the worst that could happen, there’s very little left to lose. I’ve not had a new Patreon sign-up for months, so stuff […]

  • Staying Out for the Summer

    Staying Out for the Summer

    Okay then, MONDAY. The plan today, such as it is, will be to try to better attack the level of ‘work’ I have placed upon myself. I can catch up on backlog this week without everything collapsing in a heap, because the pressure of that previous deadline has passed. The next major submission window is […]

  • Change


    Day Three of having a piece of exercise equipment that can support my weight. I could have gone and found a tree in the woods over there [/points] and really would have. The benefits of lifting my own body weight have already been shown with press-up practice. Now, however, I can do this after a […]

  • The Race

    The Race

    How to Improve, Quarantine Biking Edition :D Not about to break any @GoZwift records but you know what, I'll take over 30 seconds faster :D pic.twitter.com/TOynzzn9BH — ๐ŸŒ Sarah Reeson : #BetterContent ๐ŸŒ (@MoveablePress) April 20, 2020 Forget for a moment that there’s a pandemic going on, that this is NATIONAL TEA DAY (how did […]

  • Walk the Line

    Walk the Line

    25 minutes into that workout, I wanted to cry, give up and walk away. Then I got over myself. pic.twitter.com/1MfOv8TsIa — ๐ŸŒ— Sarah Reeson ๐ŸŒ• Precarious Epithet ๐ŸŒ“ (@MoveablePress) March 29, 2020 Progress is never an easy ask. A lot of the journey is adaptive reasoning: I can work harder, how do I work harder, […]

  • Musclebound


    Week One of February is already done. I’m already behind in writing terms, but this weekend grants a useful opportunity to make up the shortfall. Next weekend I’m in a forest, and realistically what needs to happen then is lots of photography and very few words. Between now and then, THERE ARE GOALS to think […]