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  • Won’t Get Fooled Again

    Won’t Get Fooled Again

    Ah, Blaze class, we meet again. This is an important set of numbers, for several reasons. That’s 7 bpm slower on max HR than I was on Tuesday, yet I was flat out last night. That means one of two things: the red zone is largely unattainable for me, or my belt’s not calibrated correctly. It […]

  • I’m Only Sleeping

    I’m Only Sleeping

    Day 2: Welcome to the Age of Saying What I Really Wanted to Say. Today’s nugget of interest? I don’t like having my midriff uncovered. It makes me feel physically uncomfortable at present: is this a deep-seated issue or is it just too fucking cold to be wearing anything than about 35 layers? Leave that one with […]

  • This is It

    This is It

    I walked to the Gym this morning for the first time in a while: pavements were slippery and required some thought, sky was the Winter Blue of post-storm optimism, and my hip and back were not happy. However, after an hour of exercise, and some heavy weights, things have definitely improved. It has taken a […]

  • Down Down

    Down Down

    Weight, inexorably, is falling. Undoubtedly the second Blaze class will help, with understanding that if this weight is going to be shifted, I will have to sweat like something that sweats a very great deal to do so. As a result of yesterday however, this is becoming increasingly less of a problem. HOWEVER this is […]

  • Running on Ice

    Running on Ice

    Okay then, time to be honest. I dunno whether it is just because I am tired, or not fuelling properly, or whether it's just grey and depressing December but FUCK ME that exercise session was beyond hard. — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky [Festive] Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) December 5, 2018 We are reaching a crossroads in […]

  • The Comfort of Strangers

    The Comfort of Strangers

    I don't agree with this article. That should make for an interesting personal blog later today.https://t.co/20OHEyMvcM — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) November 30, 2018 This article appeared at an apposite moment this morning, after a night of Blaze which was, for the first time, questioned as being worthwhile. This remains the hardest […]

  • Do I Do

    Do I Do

    WordPress have introduced an upgrade to their editing pane. Whether I like this or not remains to be seen: a user can still edit raw HTML, so that’s fine, and we’ll see how it goes as time goes on. However, I’m not here to complain about change [inevitable, unstoppable] but how I react to it. […]

  • Hot Stuff

    Hot Stuff

    I need a weights-themed header. I’ll get on that. The last time, up until this time last week, that I’d done an organised exercise class was shortly after the birth of the eldest. That was eighteen years ago. My local health emporium has recently trashed the two squash courts adjacent to their Gym facilities and built […]

  • Holiday


    That's school done for another year. /RELAX — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) July 20, 2018 The lunchtime pickup is done. The eldest has already been off since Tuesday afternoon. It is that glorious time of the year where there is nothing to worry about on Monday, and in 10 days I’ll be […]

  • Run to the Hills

    Run to the Hills

    The biggest single problem I possess right now in terms of exercise ability is stamina. HIIT routines are now just that, but anything over 90 minutes and I will summarily wilt. What is required is an understanding of what my limits are, how to play to them and then finally exceed them.  Fortunately for me, […]