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  • Stepping Up

    Stepping Up

    I’m not doing the right kind of exercise. This is absolutely not a problem: my PT pointed this out yesterday, and I grasp entirely where she is coming from. Pure walking has now become insufficient to burn the calories I require to get my body to shift fat reserves that have existed for a very […]

  • Yesterday


    Been a funny old week, Brian. In fact, I’m not really sure were I should begin. It was like a massive and well orchestrated punch to misogyny's crotch. It was hugely satisfying as a result. — 🌊 F-Actual Chat 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 22, 2017 I announced this to Twitter via a series of GIFs on […]

  • Learning to Breathe :: Update #1

    Learning to Breathe :: Update #1

    In Shock News? No weight loss this week. I’m exactly the same. Normally this might be enough to annoy me, but absolutely not today, despite the fact I’m battling demons. This is utterly good enough, because I know I only pushed myself three times last week (and this was during the three exercise sessions I made […]

  • Run to the Hills

    Run to the Hills

    It should have happened yesterday, but I wasn’t ready. My first proper, serious workout session without a PT to hold my hand had the potential to be stress incarnate, but I’m lucky enough to have a trainer who understands my fears, and can help me plan to beat them as well as my targets. That […]