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  • Dead Before Dawn

    Dead Before Dawn

    Yesterday, I watched the following trailer: I’m old enough to have seen the original at the cinema, as it happens. Back then, top billing went to a young buck called Kiefer Sutherland (whatever happened to him?) yet the film became notorious for him creating a relationship with co-star Julia Roberts, right up until she left […]

  • Cleaning Up the Town

    Cleaning Up the Town

    Normally when the Internet implodes, it is wise to stand well back. In this case, I have a few things that need saying first. It is 1984. I’m in the Lower 6th at Comprehensive School and the day the original ‘Ghostbusters’ releases, I bunk the day off school with three of my mates and we […]

  • Secret Agent Man

    Secret Agent Man

    There is a point in Spectre, after the first snow-based chase sequence of Daniel Craig’s tenure, when Bond confronts Madeline Swann, having rescued her from the bad guys. She asks: ‘Why should I trust you?’ before a clearly exasperated Bond replies ‘Because right now I’m your best chance of staying alive.’ The audience already knows this […]