Should have been here yesterday, apologies for absence, there’s a lot on. Therefore, this is going to PRETEND it happened yesterday, and most people won’t even realize the difference.

Existing work is being repurposed for new gains. I am slowly pulling myself back to full capability. I have some backlog to deal with but nothing that can’t be sensibly rationalized. Really that’s what I should be doing right now and not posting here.

Also, this poetry is VERY good :D

Open Up

Today, as I though might be the case, is the fastest I’ve done 5 km for almost a year. This time last year I was in the midst of RED January but yesterday, I had a day off. It wasn’t because I was that tired either, it just felt like a good idea, having covered 10 km for the first time the day before. Tomorrow, I have quite a challenging virtual climb to deal with, and we are into the realms of new and unexplored in terms of exercise.

This is an interesting time in terms of knowing what’s possible and what should be avoided. For the record, yesterday’s rest day was the first one taken since December 23rd. That’s not meant as a flex either, it’s just a statement of how much more adjusted I am to working hard and recovering differently. It’s also got a lot to do with the fact I’m not lifting anything hugely heavy and that endorphin burst, as a result, needs to come from somewhere else.

The biggest step forward, undoubtedly, is pulling this level of effort in the real world and not hidden in the shed. A lot of that has to do with a growing confidence from elsewhere: I submitted the NaNo to a contest yesterday, which would NEVER have happened this time last year. There’s a choice, simple and inescapable: either move yourself forward or never know how good you could be. Balancing the options can happen for the rest of my life but nothing ever changes.

It’s time for some positive, assertive action.

Distant Past

The latest skin to be shed has not taken long at all. Sadly, sleep is still shot, but with this being half term it’s not the end of the world, and so we’ll bump along the bottom today in the hope Blaze will make me tired enough to just pass out unhindered later. A lot has been settled over working practices too: I’m comfortable with the decisions being made, they are the right ones and this is undoubted forward motion.


Today therefore is knocking off backlog, tomorrow setting up for June and then on Friday it’s the push to have everything poetry-based on the project finally in first draft form. That was always the plan when this started: fully written, with a two week editing window so that first poems can go up in mid-June. In that regard, I’m extremely pleased with my progress thus far.

The website side of things is also pretty much settled: I still have pictures to source but that won’t take long. Saturday looks like a great time to do part of that with sun forecast all day. Then I have a project to add to my artist’s statement and with a meeting scheduled next week with the local arts collective, maybe a step up to something more significant.


My written work’s coming to the end of a significant period of development. Although the rejections are piling up, an awful lot has been learnt in the last six months over what is and isn’t going to get me published. If that’s the goal, to see if at least one collection can make it to the printing stage, it’s easily sorted by self-publishing if all else fails.

I’d like to think however I am good enough to get past that point, that with what has been learnt so far there’s not only space for improvement but development too. There’s a massive raft of new prizes and opportunities that present themselves in June, and then in July I’m off to Leeds for a two day writing weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Whatever happens, this optimism is worth making the most of right now.