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  • Believe


    For the last three weeks I’ve been working on a project which is (almost) put to rest now, there’s just the small matter of subtitling it and checking I’ve not fucked anything up terribly. It’s the next step forward in my poetry journey, too. A proper narrative. Actors, and locations. Big undertaking with only me […]

  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts

    I hate Blaze. There, said it. There is no enjoyment in this exercise class, no satisfaction in completion. It’s not the experience that they’re selling it as. In effect, for 45 minutes a week, I’m sticking myself through mental torture. Last night, after being sick in the gym Car Park, there were less tears than last […]

  • Sanctify Yourself

    Sanctify Yourself

    I cycled to leg failure again on Friday. Most people, when faced with pain when exercising, will give up. It has taken a year plus of knowing the difference between bad pain and good pain for me to understand that what is happening to my body goes beyond the normal ‘yeah I’m getting fit’ mindset. This […]