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  • Lady December

    Lady December

    I’m still suffering oral pain. Two weeks after the original tooth filling, this is now about what was, in the words of the dentist, a ‘very large hole’ in my mouth. Emergency dentistry has been secured, new painkillers bought. I’m getting quite good at dealing with this shit, and honestly there was a part of […]

  • King James

    King James

    This is what everybody else voted for, except us. This is the future. I wonder if they realise what they've sown, but I doubt they do. The Emperor, most definitely, is naked. https://t.co/7zrMmY9I8P — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 🌲 Festive Epithet 🗿 (@MoveablePress) December 13, 2019 History will remember today for many reasons. I will remember […]

  • Levi Stubbs Tears

    Levi Stubbs Tears

    Today I burst into tears and was asked why. For the first time came a genuine, inescapable realisation of RELIEF. It's okay to be me. — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 📝 Writer/Content Creator 🗿 (@MoveablePress) June 4, 2019 Then I came home, really looking forward to the caramel chocolate I’d hidden in the fridge for emotional […]

  • Why


    I will always be more scared of angry white men than anything else — Penny CS Andrews 🌈🔥 (@pennyb) March 15, 2019 I could write tens of thousands of words today about how awful the World is right now, and all of them would be redundant. Other commentators do this job so much better than […]

  • The Name of the Game

    The Name of the Game

    [Sensitive men may wish to look away now.] The menopause has effectively redefined who I am over the last couple of years. Sure, the same basic person remains that started the journey from periods that would effectively keep me housebound in the last months before they stopped, so much blood loss that I’d occasionally faint. […]

  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites

    New month, time for some changes. Yesterday was hugely disappointing. The people who care, as always, did their best work. You guys are just so lovely: Brad, Joar, Jesse, Liz, Rev, Drifter, Scarlett… and anybody else who has taken time to read my stuff, acknowledging they were ACTUALLY LISTENING. That’s the thing with social media, […]

  • Sunrise


    DAY 3: I’m a  recovering addict, trying my best not to sound like an evangelist. It’s a tough ask, some days, especially when the weight of evidence shows how gullible I was. Companies are to blame for feeding addiction, and in due course one can only hope common sense will prevail… but don’t bet on that. […]

  • One Better Day

    One Better Day

    Number of Days Since a Debilitating Mental Episode : TWO The menopause has thrown up an interesting development in terms of mental faculties: the distance down holes has increased in the last few months. To place this in the simplest terms possible, this translates to panic, anxiety and mental shutdown on a scale I have not […]

  • Your Cheating Heart

    Your Cheating Heart

    England take hand off the throttle in basic misreading of hypotheticals | Barney Ronay https://t.co/jKKpejeP4T — The Guardian (@guardian) June 29, 2018 The national side progressed easily into the last sixteen of the World Cup last night, but they didn’t do it properly. There were no magnificent scenes of victory. Nobody punched the air, except […]

  • Bang Bang

    Bang Bang

    This morning, getting in from the School Run, I needed an iPad cable. Finding one, I then attempted to exit the front room, tripped over my feet and fell. This happens all the time, and normally all that is affected is my dignity and a shin/knee. This time I fell really hard taking all the impact […]