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  • Utopia


    The second cuppa will accompany this morning's personal blog. — ๐ŸŒ— Sarah Reeson ๐ŸŒ• Precarious Epithet ๐ŸŒ“ (@MoveablePress) March 23, 2020 This is how the game works. Carrying on as normal is not possible with many things. However, for me at home, the routine is what defines a very fine line between coping and floundering. […]

  • Life Gets Better

    Life Gets Better

    I feel that humanity might also rue the day when lawyers decided basic compliments and arbitrary politeness mattered more than physical harm, granting flimsy justification for white men to continue perpetrating what they consider as 'consensual' relationships. ^^ https://t.co/XqOJlRXdsb — ๐Ÿ—ฟ Sarah Reeson ๐Ÿ—ฟ Unexpected Metaphor ๐Ÿ—ฟ (@MoveablePress) January 8, 2020 Everyone who cannot understand […]

  • Everyone’s a Winner

    Everyone’s a Winner

    Sunday.ย Ah yes, time for getting next week ready and if that’s done well enough, maybe there’ll be a moment left over to fuck about with something for myself. Next year WILL BE THE ONE where I start doing art and shit for relaxation: having accepted my drawing is restricted to high-quality doodling and not much […]

  • 3am Eternal

    3am Eternal

    TMW the battery goes in the smoke alarm at 4am and then it starts beeping as a reminder… — ๐Ÿ—ฟ Sarah Reeson ๐Ÿ“ Writer/Content Creator ๐Ÿ—ฟ (@MoveablePress) June 27, 2019 I’ve left the chair on the landing so when I go buy the replacement battery shortly my tired arse does not have to drag it […]

  • Teenage Dirtbag

    Teenage Dirtbag

    It’s already over 70 degrees outside on a Monday morning. There should therefore be a huge thunderstorm at some point in the next couple of days, ‘coz that’s how it works in the Estuary area. If it happens, there may well be standing around outside because I could do with getting soaked. Everything itches. I […]

  • The World is Not Enough

    The World is Not Enough

    There has been a persistent, niggling worry in the back of my mind for some time. Is counselling doing any good?ย The only way to tell, of course, is to stick me in potentially stressful situations and see what happens. This weekend was the first major test of a lot of things, and I’m really happy […]

  • Distant Past

    Distant Past

    I also don't understand poetry at all sometimes, it's like reading a foreign language. Words that someone else imbues with massive wisdom and gravitas, a bunch of random symbols on a page. How other people find such depth and breadth is frankly beyond me. There's a lot to learn. — Sarah Reeson ๐Ÿ“– Fiction, Non […]

  • Down Down

    Down Down

    Weight, inexorably, is falling. Undoubtedly the second Blaze class will help, with understanding that if this weight is going to be shifted, I will have to sweat like something that sweats a very great deal to do so. As a result of yesterday however, this is becoming increasingly less of a problem. HOWEVER this is […]

  • Three


    Day One of ‘editing my novel that will become a novella’ for two hours each morning went incredibly well. I’ve also inserted PT and a run into the equation, which means other stuff gets written a bit later than normal. It feels comfortable, and eminently doable for the next month. Of course, there isn’t anything […]

  • Everything Connected

    Everything Connected

    The List is written and I’m off, knowing EXACTLY what has to be finished by midnight tonight. Deadlines used to scare me (or piss me off when there was no ability to write) but the ex-paid gig is to thank for instilling the sense of ‘look, this has to happen or you don’t get to […]