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  • Borderline


    The airport’s quite close to my Gym. There isn’t a day where I don’t end up stopping to watch planes either take off or land, and it is always with the same thought: HOW DOES THAT STAY IN FLIGHT? Explaining the science is all well and good, but when I stare at a massive metal […]

  • Golden Brown

    Golden Brown

    Hello July. We also present today EXERCISE GRAPHS with ADDED ACCOUNTABILITY :D pic.twitter.com/1KF2w9SOe2 — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 📝 Writer/Content Creator 🗿 (@MoveablePress) July 1, 2019 I could have come home and started working today but as it happens, going to the Gym was my first choice, so summat major’s changed between last week and this. […]