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  • Higher State of Consciousness

    Higher State of Consciousness

    It’s been a while since I was challenged online. As a result, this is the note that’s now being left to remind me that when that happens again, here’s how you sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that you were perfectly justified to do what was done. #WomeninSTEM get a lot of “Reply Guys” […]

  • Rooty


    Day 8: If it’s Tuesday, it must be an AM Gym trip. It is quite hard to lie with a Heart Rate Monitor strapped to you. It is also apparent my perception of effort does need readjusting. pic.twitter.com/sJ8uGLyhdU — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Redefined Metrics 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 8, 2019 This felt VERY hard. Yellow is ACTUAL […]

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    DAY 13: Experiences are GREAT. Getting out there, doing new stuff, enjoying all that Life’s ‘rich tapestry’ lays before you. Never turn down those never to be repeated offers, that’s for damn sure. However, for some of us, there are limits. I’m at peak mental capacity right now, and all that’s happened is words on a screen. It’ll […]

  • Lies My Parents Told Me

    Lies My Parents Told Me

    Yesterday, probably for the first time in over a decade, I possessed the means by which my life could be improved without support. After a while all the good words, encouragement and therapy in the world is not a substitute for just getting up, looking at a problem and (however tired you might happen to be) […]

  • Dead Calm

    Dead Calm

    I've had this Mac since October 2012, so that's over six years of use without even a hiccup. Not bad at all. — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) November 13, 2018 RIP my Mac Mini, late year model which, after many, MANY hours of sterling service has become a rather lovely paperweight or […]

  • Return to Sender

    Return to Sender

    This week, things return to normal, despite the fact school does not start until a week on Thursday. I need to be back on the creation trail after time away, and there is a lot to do on that front which is already in the planning. More importantly, there will be a slew of poetry […]

  • The Fix

    The Fix

    There now follows an important explanation of what is about to transpire in my life. YES IT'S A THREAD. pic.twitter.com/YG3UhOu1Eq — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) August 19, 2018 I already have redundancies in place to ensure this week’s efforts do not go to waste, because finally, after months of planning, everything is […]

  • Freedom 90

    Freedom 90

    On Saturday, it became apparent that one of my vanity e-mail addresses had stopped working. There may have been some quite important email that has vanished, but I will never really know the cost, and it is far too late to worry. What this prompted was a long, hard look at what happens to my […]

  • Round and Round

    Round and Round

    Last week wasn’t meant to be a line in the sand, but ended up that way regardless. It means that starting today, there needs to be an awful lot of steps and exercise to maintain momentum. That top number’s not accurate either, by the end of yesterday I’d managed 22k steps. Today I’m planning to […]

  • Beautiful


    Last night was probably the best meal out I have ever had. I forgot to take photos, too busy being stunned by the brilliance of the food. It truly was amazing. — 🌊 Sarah, Decking the Halls FaLaLaLaLa LaLaLaLa🌊 (@AlternativeChat) December 19, 2017 This will be the third year I’ve been taken to Christmas Dinner […]