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  • Magic Bus

    Magic Bus

    For the second day in a row, I’ve hit my step goal before lunchtime. There wasn’t a plan to do this per se, just the way by which life has worked out since the end of the Weekend. There’s a lot of real life going on right now too, because I’ve gotten to the point […]

  • Audacity of Huge

    Audacity of Huge

    It’s a new month. I’m a bit behind, but not hugely so (which is progress in itself) and once I have caught up today (which I will) there’s an entire month of important and groundbreaking stuff from me. A list was written at the start of the year, and although some of it has not […]

  • No Surprises

    No Surprises

    Eight hours sleep is GLORIOUS. The problems don’t go away after a good night. You just have more energy and desire to solve them. 450 days of My Fitness Pal and it is only in the last two weeks that the process is bearing fruit. It is a sobering reminder that it doesn’t matter how […]

  • Yesterday


    I live in Gym kit currently for one reason alone: if I have it on, there’s more chance of making it to exercise than not. Except yesterday I put on the clothes and then grasped I’d be better off not pushing myself physically. It was a day to clear the decks, throw out the rubbish […]

  • Being Boiled

    Being Boiled

    It’s been eight days since the Operation. Let’s recap. Good Day [TM] pic.twitter.com/PnB3pPM6cs — 🌊 Sarah 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) May 24, 2017 I woke up today feeling better than yesterday. This is now a three day trend, as is the increase in Active Minutes exercising since Sunday. This is the longest uninterrupted sleep since before the […]