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  • The Fix

    The Fix

    I woke early this morning with a poem in my head and now it is on the page I am a very happy woman. HELLO ALL. — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 🏙 Accidental Artist🗿 (@MoveablePress) October 13, 2019 The poem began on the day I forced myself out of the house and into the countryside (such […]

  • Lies


    When I first joined Twitter, nearly eight years ago, people encouraged me to talk about my mental health issues in an environment that felt instantly welcoming. The truth, however, was not nearly as open as was first apparent. There was that DM by one particular person which still lives bright in my brain: just want […]

  • Flawless


    Before I went to bed last night, tea cups were put out for the morning, bags already inside: chai for youngest, breakfast blend for me. A protein shake got made and refrigerated. These are simple tasks that, for the last month, weren’t doable. Not enough space in my brain existed in order to plan that far ahead. […]

  • Sunrise


    Definitely getting better. The biggest problem is energy levels. This 30 minutes yesterday ended up feeling like three hours. It’s probably sensible therefore that today is a rest day. An awful lot of excess sugar’s been removed from my diet, not really intentionally, it’s just happened. That needs to be replaces with something, and in […]

  • That Thing

    That Thing

    I’m gonna end up writing a gaming post today, on the back of comments that I’ve seen, despite having muted a key phrase in my Twitter feed. It’s inescapable, like the march of seasons and the annoyance of those who think waiting for someone else to solve their issues is the answer. What amazes me, […]

  • Teenage Dirtbag

    Teenage Dirtbag

    It’s already over 70 degrees outside on a Monday morning. There should therefore be a huge thunderstorm at some point in the next couple of days, ‘coz that’s how it works in the Estuary area. If it happens, there may well be standing around outside because I could do with getting soaked. Everything itches. I […]

  • Bad


    I wasn’t sick per se yesterday: my throat’s been scratchy and uncomfortable since Friday, if truth be told. It was the two night’s worth of terrible sleep because of that which did me in on Sunday: instead of working, I relaxed. I dozed. A lot of sport was watched along with playing basic tablet games. […]

  • Distant Past

    Distant Past

    I also don't understand poetry at all sometimes, it's like reading a foreign language. Words that someone else imbues with massive wisdom and gravitas, a bunch of random symbols on a page. How other people find such depth and breadth is frankly beyond me. There's a lot to learn. — Sarah Reeson 📖 Fiction, Non […]

  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough

    I might be tired, emotionally shredded and ache, but today I am enough. — 🗿 Sarah's Poems 📝 100% Passion Guaranteed 🗿 (@MoveablePress) March 23, 2019 This week has not been kind. I slept without my Fitbit last night because sometimes, you don’t wanna know. A 9.30 PT should, I hope, kick-start a day of […]

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Day 2: I need to make a phone call. I don’t wanna look too keen. Gonna write this first and then do it, yeah, that’s a good plan. Today, we explain the difficulties with relationships via the medium of Hairdressing. A woman’s relationship with her hairdresser is both complex and incredibly subtle. You trust a […]