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  • Memories of Green

    Memories of Green

    – Strawberries now in planters– Herbs beginning to establish– Raspberry growth!#AltsGarden pic.twitter.com/3T2Z6jmsrr — 🌊 Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) May 3, 2018 The cultivation of my Happy Place continues apace, and this weekend there’ll be some more visits to Garden Centres to see what else can be added to the space. The plan […]

  • Moving On Up

    Moving On Up

    My supervised eating is going very well. It has been three days since my last chocolate. I did indulge in meringue, fruit and cream last night but the bowl was small and my daughter made it so I felt obliged to consume at least some. However I did offset this with an 800 calorie walk […]

  • What I Am

    What I Am

    It seems odd, after so many years on the planet, to not have a real sense of what I am. Except, if I’m honest, that’s not true. I know EXACTLY what I do best. The problem is, knowing myself then becomes a problem. In my youth, my speciality was causing trouble. I wasn’t a setting fires or […]