Up The Junction

Today’s forecastĀ is not simply Blue Skies but a lot of activity and a day to leave the Novel well alone. I could do so for four days and still be on target, but it will get some love tomorrow so that’s okay. The only means by which my life consistently gets better is with a decent work/life balance, which means today making to most of the fact Mr Alt is not umpiring Field Hockey and my daughter would like to go exploring. So, once I’ve done some Gym stuff, the camera’s coming out and we’re off to walk along the World’s Longest Pier.

If anything, it’ll make for some nice new header images.


The daffodils are beginning to bloom on public verges and there is a definite feel of Spring in the air. My daughter will be turning 13 in early March and her birthday is the reminder that better weather is coming and longer days, which in turn means more work gets done. I didn’t cycle last night which means two nights of 36km, but this is no longer a worry or concern. I was thinking in the week that exercise in that regard seems to be getting easier. Maybe it is time to switch things up a bit.

Time to go pack my Gym bag.