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  • Baba O’Riley

    Baba O’Riley

    I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Yesterday was a tough one for eating discipline, plus exercise. For the first time I can remember, there was a scrabble to find a snack before my scheduled class: I was light-headed. It would have been a struggle to do 55 minutes without it. As […]

  • Memories of Green

    Memories of Green

    – Strawberries now in planters– Herbs beginning to establish– Raspberry growth!#AltsGarden pic.twitter.com/3T2Z6jmsrr — 🌊 Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) May 3, 2018 The cultivation of my Happy Place continues apace, and this weekend there’ll be some more visits to Garden Centres to see what else can be added to the space. The plan […]

  • No One Knows

    No One Knows

    Hey, it’s Saturday. I’m first up, even though I could stay in bed, and after this cuppa I’m walking to the Gym. I’d love to say I have some amazing glob of wisdom to impart before I leave but I’m just keen to go exercise and then relax with a green tea in the Bar. […]

  • Moving on Up

    Moving on Up

    Day Three of my bullet-sized antibiotics and I can most definitely state an improvement in both mental and physical health. Yes, there was still coughing in the night and I had to sleep with a pillow mountain to keep myself upright but otherwise, a distinct shift forward in recovery. At least part of that movement was […]

  • Learning to Breathe :: It’s Not the First Mile

    Learning to Breathe :: It’s Not the First Mile

    BREAKING NEWS : Alt beats personal best and completes Ik in 7minutes and 45 seconds REACTION FOLLOWS — Alternative Chat (@AlternativeChat) September 17, 2016 The plan was simple after Monday’s benchmark 1k: it had to be beaten. This was not about just saying I could do it and that is it. I have to get better […]

  • Alphabet Street

    Alphabet Street

    I’m not very good at building my part up on most days, but when it comes to entertainment? I think I’m FUCKING FABULOUS. Mostly this is because nobody else is going to have the belief that you’re writing a good story, and if all this time and effort’s going to be shoved summarily into words? […]

  • Fences


    Part of my health routine, as the weather has progressively improved over the last few weeks, has been to walk to my Gym from the house rather than drive. It’s approximately 20 minutes on foot at a reasonable pace, and what this allows me to do is stick in a gentle warm up before I […]

  • Mirrorball


    I’m largely arse about face this week, mostly because I’ve pushed the priority set around in an attempt to reorganise the way stuff happens. That means I’ve not written personal posts until much later, and I can now see how things would use to get away from me in the past. It’s taken a real […]