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  • Ten Miles High

    Ten Miles High

    This morning I woke up, and this fell out of my brain. I expect more of these coping strategies going forward.#poetsofinstagram #poets #poetssociety #poetsdaily #poetscommunity #poems #poet #writerscommunity #poetry pic.twitter.com/zAtdw5Mzds — 🌗 Sarah Reeson 🌕 Precarious Epithet 🌓 (@MoveablePress) March 18, 2020 Yesterday was tough, but very important. Work got done, I made difficult decisions. […]

  • Holiday


    I didn’t post at all for two whole days. Here’s why. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Bfn4UHDE2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link There’s been some quite robust discussion in the house over what should happen at weekends. As a result, on Saturday and Sunday nothing was written as part of a plan. I’ve stated in other places that now writing is my job, there is […]

  • Eat to the Beat

    Eat to the Beat

    Day 2 of the Project, and I promise this is the last time I do that. Had to wait for a delivery but after that, it was down to the place which, according to various sources, is the happiest to live in the Country. It’s pretty cool, that I’ll grant you, but parking is an […]

  • Rain is Falling

    Rain is Falling

    It is a foul day outside. I have not completed the scheduled early Gym session because after last night’s exercise on the bike, I needed to rest. I have never found anything as physically and mentally painful as this cycling bollocks. — 🌊 Sarah's Year of the Chat 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 19, 2018 After an […]

  • Think


    I am returning to something I never finished before the start of the Summer. I began this course before being diagnosed with the gallbladder issues. Without it, I doubt I’d have coped nearly as well with surgery. It seems like the right time to return to it, especially with the peculiar background of World News. […]

  • Happy


    This blog is the equivalent of Internet tumbleweed: extremely localized, and only seen by a handful of people. Every time I hear someone lament that ‘nobody cares about what I do’ there is this sudden and overriding desire to point out that, for coming up for two decades that’s been my life, right there. Seven […]

  • Run to the Hills

    Run to the Hills

    It should have happened yesterday, but I wasn’t ready. My first proper, serious workout session without a PT to hold my hand had the potential to be stress incarnate, but I’m lucky enough to have a trainer who understands my fears, and can help me plan to beat them as well as my targets. That […]

  • Beautiful Noise

    Beautiful Noise

    When I started my PT journey back in May of this year, I couldn’t do a single push up. I wasn’t capable of a pull up. This morning, I proved to myself that both of those things aren’t simply possible now but academic. Even if my own mental self image doesn’t really detect the notion […]

  • Another Way to Die

    Another Way to Die

    If you are reading this and feel comfortable in your own skin, whatever composition that may take, then I salute you. I’ve said it on various occasions: I didn’t sit right with the way I was for an extremely long time. However, in the last four weeks, that has begun to change. Inside me I’ve felt […]